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Ashton sits smiling in the grass with her legs crossed
Ashton sits smiling in the grass with her legs crossed

Ashton Knappenberger '25

English, Public Relations, and Spanish triple major

I love that we are encouraged to engage in intelligent conversation while also enjoying social aspects of campus life. You are guaranteed to be seen and heard as a Raider!


B.A. English, Public Relations, and Spanish


Massillon, OH

Other Interest

Presidential Scholarship recipient

Why Mount Union?

I grew up around Mount Union. Being from Massillon and going to Perry High School, I participated in the volleyball camps through middle and high school and was eventually recruited to play on Mount Union's team. For someone who only ever saw the athletic side of the University, I was unaware of the vast array of academic opportunities Mount offers. I was blown away on my visit with the volleyball coaches by the campus. Even after I decided to "retire" from volleyball at the end of my senior year of high school, I knew Mount Union was the best option for my academic career. The Presidential Scholarship made my decision to attend a no-brainer.

A Way with Words

Words have always fascinated me. I love the power they have, and I hope to inspire change through my career in Public Relations. My dad works in PR, so I was aware of its focus on interpersonal communication, writing, creative problem solving, and ethics. I felt this best suited my strengths and went for it! My English major has fostered a strong writing foundation and concern for humanity, while my Spanish major has cultivated a greater cultural awareness that is sure to follow me into the professional field. At the core of these areas is a passion for storytelling, understanding different perspectives, and using these to do meaningful work.

The Mount Union Impact

Dr. Thiele has certainly shaped my experience at Mount Union. There is a stigma around being an English major since there is no direct route to a career like other fields, but he quickly sold me on completing the program when he explained the professional demand for competent, problem-solving creative people. It was a difficult decision to switch my major. I came to Mount Union pursuing majors in English and Spanish with a minor in AYA education with the hopes of being a high school teacher. After I realized this wasn't the path for me, I felt a little lost. I almost dropped my English major, but after conversations with Dr. Thiele I decided to give it another chance. Eventually, I settled on adding the Public Relations major and feel I've found my stride since!