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Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Degree 

Be a comprehensive leader ready to shine in any arena with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Spanish at the University of Mount Union. Employers are constantly searching for individuals with the ability to speak multiple languages. With more than 400 million people worldwide speaking Spanish, your ability to connect with them will help distinguish you and help you stand out from the crowd. 

About the Program 

Add a global edge to any degree with a major or minor in Spanish and enhance your cultural awareness and understanding for success in our diverse world.  In this program, you will learn about the language, cultures and histories of Spanish-speaking countries, which is paramount for a successful career. After graduating with a degree in Spanish, you will have a competitive edge in a variety of fields like business, international development, social service, education, and marketing. 

Spanish Quick Facts

  • 30-32 credit hours within the Spanish program 
  • 32 credit hours in the well-rounded Integrative Core 
  • Study Abroad in Spain and Latin America as part of your major study 
  • Double major or minor in other areas of interest 
  • Scholarship Opportunities for Spanish majors 
  • Teach Spanish at the K-12 level with the Ohio Teacher Licensure 

Learn more about the Degree in Spanish

Position yourself for a global career with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at the University of Mount Union. With a rich curriculum that complements a wide variety of other areas and teaching assistants and professors from the native countries, our programs are perfect to bring first-hand experience and knowledge directly to you. 

  • Curriculum

    Spanish Curriculum

    Our Spanish major focuses on several distinct aspects of Hispanic culture and you will gain speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills in the Spanish language. The living patterns, social structure, and value systems of the Spanish culture will be discussed along with Spanish literature. You will be able to understand the cultures and civilizations of Spanish-speaking people along with an understanding of the careers and professions available to Spanish majors. Lastly, you will spend a period of time living and learning in Spain, Costa Rica, Chile, or Mexico, experiencing the culture first-hand during your study abroad experience. 

    Review the Undergraduate Catalog to learn more. 

  • Learning Objectives

    Our degree in Spanish prepares you to:

    • Achieve the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to function in an environment where Spanish is used exclusively.  
    • Demonstrate speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the Language at the ACTFL Advanced-Low Level. 
    • Learn the cultures and civilizations of the principal groups of people who speak Spanish, from a variety of perspectives, including the historical, geographical, sociopolitical, literary and artistic. 
    • Grow awareness of the relevance of foreign languages to professions and careers. 
  • Experiential Learning

    International Experiences

    International opportunities are unlike any other experience a student has had.  Through hands-on and engaging service-learning trips, international internships, and study abroad, you can immerse yourself in the language and culture of different countries. These impactful opportunities help you distinguish yourself as an accomplished and impressive leader after graduation. 

  • Careers

    Careers in Spanish

    The fourth most spoken language in the world, Spanish is the official language on four continents and is being studied by a record number of people in the United States.  

    In our global society, knowledge of other languages, cultures and traditions is increasingly important, and this understanding is sought by employers across our nation and around the world.  

    Whether your interests lie in business, education, technology or translation, a foundation in Spanish and Hispanic culture will prepare you for graduate study and career success in several fields. 

    Common Careers

    Education and teaching 
    Public relations 

    Recent Employers

    Lincoln Electric 
    Ministry of Education in Spain 
    Peace Corps 
    Google, Inc. 
    Global Executive Solutions Group 
    First Christian Church 

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