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Brianna Boehlke
Brianna Boehlke

Brianna Boehlke '19

History Major

I saw Mount Union’s strong academic programs, kind students, and dedicated professors and knew that this was the university that was the best fit for me.




Uniontown, Ohio

Minors: AYA Education and Gender Studies

Choosing Mount Union

Mount was actually recommended to me by a friend. I had never looked into the college, because it was so close to home, but after visiting campus, I was hooked. Immediately upon stepping foot on campus, I knew that I had found my home. The students also made me choose Mount Union. Everyone that I met while touring was so incredibly genuine and kind. I knew that if the tour guides were so enthusiastic about their school, then I too would grow to love it as much as they did. I saw Mount Union’s strong academic programs, kind students, and dedicated professors and knew that this was the university that was the best fit for me. I received the Academy Scholarship and Mount Union Gift Awards. I also received various grants. These scholarships made attending Mount Union possible for me. I loved the college and knew that it would be a perfect home for me, but without the scholarships, I would not have been able to attend. Mount Union worked with me to accommodate my financial situation so that I could go to my dream school.

Challenging Atmosphere

I love that I am pushed to do things that I never thought that I was capable of doing. My peers and professors inspire me to continue to work harder and attempt things that I never thought possible. I once was terrified of speaking in front of large groups, but Mount Union and its various opportunities have pushed me to speak out and educate others. Mount Union has given me the confidence that I needed to pursue a career in education and work to change the world.

Home Away From Home

The friendly atmosphere of both my peers and my professors have helped make Mount Union feel like another home for me. Before Mount Union, I had never experienced a community of people who were so kind and warm. I have made stronger friendships than I ever had in high school due to Mount Union. Mount Union is my home because I found my second family on its campus. Being a member of The Purple Raider Marching Band helped me the most in adjusting to college life. I had the opportunity to move in a week before the start of classes for band camp. The marching band gave me a group of friends before the start of orientation, which was so incredibly beneficial for me. I never had the chance to become homesick, because I was already surrounded be a phenomenal group of student leaders and friends who inspired and took care of me.

Personalized Experience

Mount Union gives everyone a unique and personalized learning experience. Mount Union is set apart from other small liberal arts universities because of the wide range of courses that each student is able to take. The Integrative Core allows students to choose from various different courses focusing on diversity. The courses at Mount changed my perception of the world. My education was catered to my strengths and weaknesses, which furthered my growth as a responsible citizen of the world. 

Follow Your Heart, Find Your Home

My advice to future students would be to follow your heart. College is not just about finding a school; it is about finding a new home. At the end of the day, you must be comfortable and happy with the school that you choose. You will know when you find your future home, because it will be the place that you feel most relaxed. It will be the place that you feel like you will be able to be your true self. Follow your gut. And once you get to school, get involved on campus; force yourself to visit with friends even if you would rather take a nap. This is your time to make memories with your best friends. College is unlike anything you have ever experienced before; and I promise that you are going to love it.

Turning a Passion into a Major

I grew up with a love for history, but it was my high school A.P. European History teacher that inspired in me a passion to pursue it as a career. I love diving into research and questioning the events of the past. There are hundreds of different perspectives and opinions in regards to a historical event, and a major in history allows me to explore each and every one of them in order to shed new light on events. History is my passion, so I am dedicated to making it a part of my career as well. I have participated in various service learning projects, had the opportunity to attend various conferences such as Propel Ohio, and even had the chance to speak at the International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement. I will also be studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy for a semester. Mount Union has pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and given me so many phenomenal and unique opportunities. My favorite experience so far was speaking at the IARSLCE conference during the fall semester of my sophomore year. I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone, as I was the only undergraduate student at the conference and I was speaking in front of professionals in the service learning field about my research. I overcame my fear of public speaking, I networked, and I gained some valuable insight to use in my classroom in the future. 

Professor and Mentor

My favorite professor is definitely Dr. Martin. She has pushed me to pursue my dreams, even when the prospect is scary. She is the professor who encouraged me to apply to speak at the International Association of Research and Service Learning, an experience which gave me the confidence to speak in public to professionals. She also nominated me to go to Senator Sherrod Brown’s Propel Ohio Conference on childhood poverty, where I gained resources to aid any poverty-stricken students that I might have in the future. She even asked me to be a facilitator for Bafa Bafa, a social simulation which preaches diversity. She has believed in me, even when I did not think that I could achieve my goals. She has taught me so incredibly much about the world and I could not be more grateful to her. Without Dr. Martin, I would not be the leader that I am today. My favorite class so far was Gender Studies with Dr. Martin. My class had the opportunity to do a six-week long service learning project with the Alliance Middle School Navigators Program. Through my experiences teaching a gender studies crash course to the students of the program, my love for teaching was reignited and my perspective was broadened. We explored the intersectionality of feminism, the various issues of the world, and what we could do to help. We also did two other service learning projects in the class. My time in Gender Studies showed me just how easily I can make a difference.

Blended Education

A liberal arts education combined with professional preparation provides students with the resources to be empathetic, responsible, and intelligent leaders of the world. With knowledge in every field, students gain valuable insight in order to perform better in their future professions. This combination gives students the skills they need for their job, but also the values that they need to be better citizens. 

Ultimate Goal

I dream of being a high school history teacher within an inner-city school. Mount Union has prepared me exceptionally well for this career, as I have had so many opportunities to observe and volunteer in inner-city school classrooms. My education has been tailored specifically to my career goals, so that I might be the best teacher that I can possibly be.