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Bridget Whyde
Bridget Whyde

Bridget Whyde '09

Communications Manager

Mount Union's smaller size makes it more personal. I loved the small classes and the one-on-one relationship with professors. You're actually a name instead of a number!


B.A. International Relations


Berea, Ohio 

I work for a non-profit international association for professionals who have common interest in electronic warfare, electromagnetic spectrum operations, cyber electromagnetic activities and information operations. Aside from creating our marketing emails and managing our social media, I have also planned and executed 14 professional development courses in-house and online.

Diving into Mount

I am the first person in my family to go to college, so I did not know what I wanted to go to school for until the last few months of high school. Since I was on the diving team in high school, I knew I could have the opportunity to continue to dive with Mount Union. So I chose Mount Union!

Small School Benefits

Mount Union’s smaller size makes it more personal. I loved the small classes and the one-on-one relationship with professors. You’re actually a name instead of a number!

Motivating Professors

Dr. Michael Grossman is very passionate about the fields he teaches in, and it is reflected in the classroom. He also takes chances by bringing in new and interesting classes like Modern Terrorism (which was my favorite class!). As my advisor, he encouraged me because he knew I could do better, and I appreciated that. I also loved learning about Kiva org. in Dr. Martin Horning’s classes because not only did I learn about how life changing microloans can be for people, but how great of an individual Dr. Horning is.

Involvement on Campus

I was the executive chair of Campus Life in Student Senate, a member of Alpha Mu Gamma and Sigma Iota Rho and the student representative on the Committee on International Education.

Liberal Arts

I think the opportunity I had to take new and different classes taught me how open I was to learn new things which is why I probably have the job I have today. It looked interesting and I went for it!

Friendship of a Lifetime

I mainly keep in touch with one friend from school. We met because I liked her bookbag and it turned out we had the same major! We instantly became friends and spent many nights in KHIC studying for the same exams. I was honored to be one of her bridesmaids in 2012!

Life Goal

I want to go to the World Cup or at least the EuroCup and watch Germany play!

Rewarding Career

I enjoy the opportunity to meet some amazing people who have worked or are working on technologies to protect the warfighter and save lives.