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Britt Kolek headshot
Britt Kolek headshot

Britt Kolek '21

Stage Manager

Mount Union was and is a place that asked me 'What do you want to do? How can we help you make that happen?' and lived up to that throughout my time there.


B.A. Technical Theatre
B.A. English


Freeport, Pennsylvania

As stage manager, I work to assist the director in the audition and rehearsal process. I'm also tasked with communicating effectively between cast members, production staff, and designers. As well as run and call the show during its run.

Anything I Wanted

I chose Mount Union because it was a place that told me I could be anything I wanted. I could be a double major with theatre and English. I could have a job on campus that gave me hands on experience in my major. Mount Union was and is a place that asked me "What do you want to do? How can we help you make that happen?" and lived up to that throughout my time there.

Outside the Classroom Preparation

I was an intern at Shakespeare at the Castle (SATC) for two seasons. It gave me great real world experience working with professional actors in a professional environment. It also gave me a lot of confidence. Being a young stage manager working with actors who aren't students like yourself, can be intimidating. A stage manager is a position of authority. SATC helped me to find my voice and figure out how to be approachable without being a push over. I want my actors to feel comfortable around me and to come to me with problems they may be having during a production. Along those same lines, I don't want them to feel so comfortable they're always strolling in late, are never prepared, etc. Along those lines, I want my director to trust me to run a tight ship and a good show, but also respect my actors and their process as they respect mine. SATC really showed me very early in my career the fine line that has be walked and I got to practice walking it in rehearsal during the school year.

Connecting with Campus

My sister and my friends that still attend Mount Union keep me connected in the most direct way. But I am still in contact with several professors both from the English and theatre programs.

Being Me

The moment I stepped foot on campus for my tour, I felt like I belonged there. That feeling never left. I never felt like I was in the wrong place. It's so special from the professors to the students. I never felt pigeon-holed into a label such as "She's just a theatre major" or "She's just an English major." I was Britt. Everyone saw me for me. I think a lot of places want you to be "just something" and at Mount, you can be yourself. I truly believe that is a huge part of the college experience, finding yourself, becoming yourself, being yourself. Mount Union lets you be exactly who you are.

Using My Degrees

Working at a place that let's me use both of my degrees, Prime Stage Theatre has a focus on bringing literature to life. Being an English major and a theatre major, to be able to work in a theatre that uses literature as a primary source for their productions has been a dream come true. I also love meeting new people. Prime Stage works with adult actors as well as students currently in school so I see the love and passion come across generations and to see the more experienced actors mentor the younger ones and offer help. Theatre has a misconception of being a very cut throat, diva filled industry, so to see this and experience the genuine love for theatre and for each other. Theatre is all about connecting with people, so to see it on and off stage, it makes it very easy to get up in the morning and go to work.

Future Goals

I'd love to stage manage on Broadway or the West End. To be able to do my job at the highest level is a goal that every day in rehearsal I work towards and hopefully will make a reality.