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Tools for Coping

Below are several coping skills that students can use.

Anxiety Help

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  • Grounding technique (5,4,3,2,1)
    • What are 5 things you can see? (look for small details, patterns on the ceiling, an object you never noticed before)
    • What are 4 things you can feel? (sensation of clothing, sun on the skin, feeling of the chair you are sitting on, pick up an object and examine the weight, texture, and physical)
    • What are 3 things you can hear? (pay attention to sounds your mind has tuned out, such as a clock, the air, a fan, or trees blowing in wind)
    • What are 2 things you can smell? (air freshener, mowed grass, flower, candle, perfume)
    • What is 1 thing you can taste? (carry gum, candle, small snacks. Pop one in your mouth and focus on flavors and texture)
  • Meditation
    • Aim to practice 15-30 minutes, during a time and place with no interruptions, silence your phone and other devices.
    • Sit in a chair or the floor with cushion for support.
    • Straighten back but not too stiff.
    • Gaze at a point in front of you with the soles of your feet on the ground, if on the floor, cross legs.
    • Let your arms fall naturally, with palms resting on thighs.
    • Awareness of breathing- when thoughts become present, bring your focus back on the present moment by focusing on breathing. Notice the sensation of air passing through your nose and mouth… continued…
  • Deep Breathing

Depression Help

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  • Feeling sad is normal. How to work through it.
  • Promote social support systems. Good communication by reaching out to those you care about.
  • Medication management is an option.

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