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Parking and Vehicles

The University of Mount Union permits students to have and park their car on campus. Parking is $100 per academic year for commuter, residential, and graduate students. Students must park in the designated lots to avoid accruing parking violation fees. Below, you will find more information on registering a vehicle, designated parking areas, fines, etc.

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On-Campus Parking

  1. Registration

    All student, faculty, and staff vehicles at the University of Mount Union must be registered and identified with a permit obtained from the Office of Campus Security. The parking permit fee for registering a student vehicle is $100 per academic year. Students must register their vehicle before the start of each Fall semester to get the updated parking permit, which changes each academic year. Vehicles must be registered at the Office of Campus Campus Security or online.

    Student tags will be based upon residency. If your residency changes during the academic year, you are responsible for contacting the Office of Campus Security to obtain a permit. Failure to register the vehicle will result in a $100 fine.

  2. Permits

    Acceptance of a Mount Union parking permit is an acknowledgment by the registrant that these parking policies have been read and understood and constitutes an agreement by the registrant to abide by the parking policies.

    • The hanging tag must be placed on the rearview mirror and be completely visible from the outside.
    • If a new vehicle is purchased (even if you still have 30-day tags) or any vehicle information should change, a new permit must be obtained from the Office of Campus Security.
    • Theft, vandalism, or trading of tags is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.
    • Issuance of a parking permit does not assure the driver of an open parking space. Lack of a space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of the regulations.
  3. Appeals

    If you feel that you have been ticketed in error, you can file an appeal to have the ticket voided. Appeals must be filed within seven calendar days of the infraction date. The appeal form is available online. They are also available in the Office of Campus Security lobby and in the Office of Student Affairs.

    Appeals filed after seven calendar days will not be accepted, and the fine must be paid at the Office of Business Affairs.

  4. Schedule of Fines

    The following schedule of fines is in place at Mount Union.

    • First ticket $50
    • Second ticket $100 and the vehicle will be booted (plus $50 to towing service to remove boot)
    • Third ticket $200 and the vehicle is towed and the parking permit is revoked (charges from towing service may vary)

    Failure to register the vehicle will result in a $100 fine.

    If a vehicle has been booted, a towing service must be contacted to remove the restraint from the vehicle. If the restraint is not removed within 24 hours, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense. Excessive parking violations may also result in disciplinary charges.

    Parking fines may be assessed to faculty/staff/graduate students for parking violations in the dedicated-specific visitor spaces.

    Ticket fines will be billed to the student’s or employee’s account and must be paid immediately at the Office of Business Affairs.

  5. Violations

    The registrant is responsible for all violations regardless of who is operating the vehicle at the time the violation occurs. Having your four-way flashers on does not make it acceptable to park in a restricted area (service vehicle, fire lane, handicap, etc.). Every attempt is made to maintain parking signs, but vehicle operators are expected to park appropriately, even in the absence of signs. All parking lots are patrolled daily and fines will be assessed for, but not limited to, the following violations:

    • Parking in the incorrect area
    • Unregistered vehicle
    • Parking in yellow painted areas
    • Blocking driveway or access
    • Parking on sidewalk or grass
    • Parking in a handicap area

  6. Designated Parking Lots


    Parking lots are designated for four primary groups: resident students, commuter students, faculty/staff/graduate student, and visitor.

    • Resident student lots are designated by purple signage.
    • Commuter lots are designated by red signage.
    • Faculty/Staff/Graduate Student lots are designated by green signage.
    • Visitor lots are designated by yellow signage.

    Short-term loading/unloading spaces are available outside of each residence hall.

    University Housing

    Residents of University houses, the Union Avenue fraternity houses, and the Hartshorn and Union apartments are permitted to park in the lots at their houses/apartments.

    Private Property

    All colored areas on the parking map brochure designate parking areas that are owned, managed, or controlled by the University. All other areas are private property. Vehicles parking on private property are subject to towing without notice.

    Handicap Spaces

    Anyone parking in a handicap space without a valid state issued handicap pass or a valid University issued temporary handicap pass will be charged $50 and the vehicle will be towed immediately.

    Special Passes

    Temporary parking passes are available upon request from the Office of Campus Security for the following.

    • A temporary pass is available for one to five days for students who will temporarily have a different car on campus.
    • A temporary handicap pass is available to students who have been injured or have a condition that makes walking difficult. A written doctor’s excuse may be required.
    • A visitor pass is available for departmental use for special guests, speakers, etc.

    Street parking is available as permitted by the City of Alliance. The University of Mount Union is not responsible for any vehicle that is stolen or damaged. For more information, contact the Office of Campus Security by telephone at (330) 829-8721 (office) or (330) 428-1344 (patrol), or fax at (330) 829-8737.

Mount Union Maps

Utilize these maps as guides when traveling to campus.