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Included below are the names and contact information for the student organization opportunities on campus to check out throughout the first weeks of classes. To email the president or campus advisor, simply type the last name, first name of the individual into the “To” bar of the university’s email system, and click on “check names” to populate.

Diversity Organizations

  1. Active Minds

    Shyenne Ledford, president                                                                                        

    Dr. Tamara Daily, campus advisor        

    Instagram: activemindsumu                                                                                   

    Active Minds is established for the expressed purpose of increasing awareness of the student, staff, and faculty at the University about issues surrounding mental health, symptoms related to mental health disorders, and mental health resources available both on campus and in the surrounding Alliance community.  Our organization gathers around the message of changing the stigma surrounding Mental Health! We talk about the changes that can be made on campus to spread awareness on the subject!

  2. Association of International Students (AIS) | 📹

    Ryli Bolanz, president                                                                                     

    Dr. Deok-im Jean, campus advisor   

    Dawn Adams, campus advisor                                                                                          

    Instagram: ais_mountunion

    AIS is an organization open to all interested students with the purpose of promoting and establishing fellowship and better understanding between the international students and other members of the University of Mount Union community.

    AIS Video

  3. Black Student Union (BSU)

    Nina Jackson, president                                                                                                  

    Ron Holden, campus advisor                                                                                                       

    This organization has as its objectives to communicate the special programs and needs of black students to the University authorities and student body, promote pride among students, promote, and maintain the general welfare of black students at Mount Union through cultural and social programs for the entire University community.  Membership is open to all interested students of Mount Union whose primary concern is the promotion of diversity.

  4. Brothers Building Bonds (BBB)

    Chris Watson, president                                                                           

    Darnell Tucker and Micheal Gregg, campus advisor     

    The mission of Brothers Building Bonds is to create a positive perspective of men of color at the University of Mount Union. Brothers Building Bonds creates a setting where men of color can share their insights, opinions, and knowledge for the betterment of their brothers. This organization strives to develop its members to prepare them to become responsible citizens through the core principles of brotherhood, development, scholarship, and service.

    BBB Sign-Up Form

  5. Gender Equity Matters (GEM)

    Siv Street, president

    Patience Bartunek, campus advisor              

    Gabrielle Catlin, campus advisor   

    Gender Equity Matters (GEM) is a group of students that educates students and provides programs and outreach for all gender issues and activities, both on campus and in the Alliance community.  GEM focuses on educational opportunities for students and opportunities to make an impact on these topics through events and community service.  All students are welcome.

  6. Hispanic Organization Latin America (HOLA)

    Shae Kilgore, president

    Dr. Gregg Courtad, campus advisor

    The goal of H.O.L.A. Is to educate the campus and community on the diversity and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. It is open to all majors, and we’re always welcoming new members! 

  7. PRIDE

    Megan Denny, president

    Jesse Cunion, campus advisor

    The purpose of Pride is to affirm, facilitate, celebrate, support, and create a safe and accepting environment for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities on Mount Union’s campus. Membership is open to all interested students.

  8. Sister Circle

    Jordan Edith, president                                                                                                       

    K. Callie Flonnoy, campus advisor

    Sister Circle’s purpose is to serve the needs of young women of color who are on campus and in the Alliance community. We seek to provide a space where these women can be affirmed and empowered to be successful.

  9. Spiritual Life Leadership

    Dana Lucas, president

    Stephen Dages, campus advisor                                                                                                                

    This council is the programming and communication board of the religious and spiritual life groups on campus.  Spiritual Life Leadership sponsors an annual Christian music concert, coordinates activities for new students, participates in the annual Spiritual Life Fair, and offers mutual support of all spiritual and religious activities on campus.