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ChesseMei Misja headshot
ChesseMei Misja headshot

ChesseMei Misja '24

Biology major

The small classroom sizes at Mount Union allow me to have a voice and to have easy access to professors.


B.S., Biology


North Canton, Ohio

Choosing Mount Union

It is a very difficult and important decision to choose where to go to university. I was torn between Mount Union and another college. Even though my Mount Union tour ended up being virtual, I instantly fell in love. Even during a pandemic, Mount was able to provide me with valuable information and resources. When I was able to walk around campus for the first time, I instantly knew that Mount was going to be my new home. I hope to pursue a career as a physician assistant, and I was intrigued by the Physician Assistant program offered at Mount Union. I was grateful to receive the Dean’s Scholarship and Manzilla Multicultural Award. When choosing a college, go with what feels right, yet ascertain that the college provides specific student resources that will help you succeed. Mount provides help with your papers and presentations with the DWOC, and the Center for Student Success allows students to explore different career opportunities. These resources will help you with classwork and your career choice. Make your decision wisely, because these years will undoubtedly be foundation-building, and may turn out to be the best four years of your life.


A Second Home

I love the atmosphere of the campus and the people at Mount Union. Because the campus is not huge, I felt as though I was a small fish, with the chance to become a big fish in the pond. Every time I walk to class at least one person says “hi” to me which makes me feel valued. The faculty on campus really makes Mount Union so special because they are not here to just teach, they genuinely care about each individual student and want them to succeed in their careers. The small classroom sizes allow me to have a voice and to have easy access to professors. I have been able to make connections and relationships with professors. These good connections may have never matured to this degree at a larger school. All the staff on campus are so sweet and helpful. I have developed many friendships through the different organizations provided at Mount and these I feel will last a lifetime.


Why Biology?

I have always been fascinated with science, specifically biology, and the courses offered at Mount best aligned with my interests and career pathway. My major also provides me the opportunity to get involved with scientific research, which has always interested me. The rigor endured in the biology classes has helped me to challenge myself, and overall, has made me become a better student. My ultimate career goal is to become a Physician Assistant, using my skills and talents to travel to impoverished countries and treat people that need medical care. Mount’s natural science majors provide the rigorous coursework that will prepare me for the challenging study in graduate school. Mount also provides undergrads the opportunity to become leaders, which allows us to gain experience that can be used in the workforce. One specific class that has helped me explore different options in my desired field and solidify my career choice was MED 100. I was able to learn and interview different, medical professionals. This opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many, varied medical career paths. The class has allowed me to fully realize the exact pathway and the requirements needed to get where I want to be. Mount also offers clubs that are specific to your chosen career. I am currently involved with the Pre-PA club (APPAS). This club has allowed me to make friends that are going into the same field. These clubs are very resourceful to incoming students because they provide an encouraging environment and comradery. Mount Union faculty are your biggest cheerleaders and are dedicated to you, which feels, to this student, incredibly supportive!


Experiences in the Classroom

My favorite experience is having the opportunity to experience scientific research as early on as my sophomore year. I currently work alongside Dr. Kim Risley in her microbiology lab, and I feel as though this experience will help me expand my knowledge in my field, and will prepare me fully for graduate school. I’m able to experience hands-on learning through the new lab techniques we do. This provides me with a “foot in the door” into graduate-level work. Scientific research allows me to think critically and enhances my understanding of the material that is taught in class. This year, I got the opportunity to work as a chemistry lab assistant. I have really enjoyed this occupation because it allows me to help students to improve their lab skills and gain confidence in the lab.