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The aim of counseling at Mount Union is to assist students in becoming socially and emotionally healthy. Counseling is a partnership between client and counselor, meant to help students find solutions and possibilities in life. In the Office of Counseling Services, state-licensed counselors help Mount Union students move toward life goals while teaching the coping skills needed for the future. Counseling staff members provide the following free and confidential services to enrolled students.

  1. Walk-in Hours

    Walk-in hours are times that are set aside for students who suddenly need help but do not have a scheduled counseling appointment. Click on the tab below for times and location.

  2. Counseling Sessions

    Students who are seeking formal counseling for issues big or small will schedule a counseling appointment with a counselor. The counselor will gather information from the student during the first session to determine a diagnosis. After the evaluation, the student will work with the counselor to form a treatment plan, setting goals they want to work on during the semester. Just use the contact information to the right to call or email for an appointment. 

  3. Consultations

    A consultation is an informal meeting with a counselor. The counselor acts as an expert, providing advice, guidance, and linkage to ongoing services. Consultations are not counseling sessions. Counselors can offer up to four consultation sessions to a student before recommending counseling sessions.

  4. ADHD Testing

    Students who are interested in a formal evaluation to determine if they have ADHD, can call or email for an appointment to take the Conner’s 3 CPT Test.

  5. Special Events: Summer 2021

    If any department is interested in scheduling an event or retreats for students, staff, or faculty during the summer, please contact Dr. Packard at We are offering:

    • Mindfulness workshops to help individuals be fully present and aware of their current moment while effectively managing their emotional state.
    • Heartmath skills training workshops. Heartmath skills focus on heart/brain science and are research/evidence-based to help increase coherence and manage emotions.

All counseling staff members are licensed through the state of Ohio CSWMFT Board. To facilitate consumer protection, please visit the Ohio licensure verification.

Counseling services will be providing virtual as well as live contact sessions via the Student Affairs Suite, Hoover-Price Campus Center. To schedule an appointment, call (330) 823-2886 or email



Access Counseling Services

Counseling Services staff provide many services to students. These services range from walk-in hours, counseling sessions, consultations, ADHD testing, Koru Mindfulness, and special events. All services are free and confidential to enrolled students. If you are interested or want to inquire about a service, please contact us by phone at (330) 823-2886 or email

The Office of Counseling Services will be providing virtual as well as live contact sessions via the Student Affairs Suite, Hoover-Price Campus Center.