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Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs oversees a comprehensive student development program that includes the Office of Career Development, Health Center, Office of Residence Life, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, the Office of Campus Safety and Security, Intramurals and Counseling Services.

Offices and Services

  1. Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education

    The Office of Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education provides programming and outreach in the form of campus-wide “awareness” events, hall and floor programs, and individual and group counseling sessions. The office provides education and counseling for students concerned about alcohol, drugs, and other wellness-related issues. Additionally, the Office of Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education is a campus-wide resource – providing wellness-related information and referrals for students, whether for a class project or personal use.

    Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education

  2. Campus Security

    The Office of Campus Security is responsible for providing a variety of services to the campus community including a safety escort service, crime prevention information, fire safety, medical transportation, emergency response, vehicle assistance, lockout assistance, traffic control, and parking enforcement.

    Safety and Parking

  3. Chaplain

    The Office of the Chaplain is responsible for providing and supervising all aspects of spiritual life on campus, which include: community worship and prayer; advising and coordinating the activities of student religious groups; encouraging student involvement in the worship and community life of churches in the Alliance area; developing and participating in local, regional, and national student religious conferences and retreats; and planning and coordinating mission/work trips for students, faculty, and administrators.

    Spiritual Life

  4. Counseling Services

    The Office of Counseling Services provides students with an opportunity to explore their concerns and problems with a professional counselor in a confidential setting.


  5. Diversity and Inclusion

    The objective of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is to serve as a resource for all students. The office provides assistance for academic, social, cultural, and personal well-being and works cooperatively with faculty, staff, and administrators to assist students in their pursuit of academic excellence. 

    Diversity and Inclusion

  6. Recreation and Wellness

    The Office of Recreation and Intramurals offers a wide variety of services and activities to promote and support recreation and wellness. In addition to overseeing the McPherson Academic and Athletic Complex (the MAAC) and its schedule of fitness classes, the office also organizes our intramural program, which consists of a variety of competitive sports and activities throughout the year. 

    Recreation and Intramurals

  7. Residence Life

    The Office of Residence Life is responsible for assigning all residence hall rooms and roommates on campus and overseeing the operational aspect of each of the residence halls and houses on campus.



  8. Spirit Squads

    The Office of Spirit Squads oversees Mount Union's cheerleading squad, dance team, and mascot, which support school spirit among athletes, students, and alumni by developing and promoting loyalty to the University of Mount Union. 

    Cheer and Dance

  9. Student Conduct

    The mission of the student conduct program is to educate students, reinforce the values of Mount Union, and to uphold and educationally enforce the Student Code of Conduct. All conduct officers foster the development of the student through an educational dialogue reflecting on behavioral choices, academic progress, learning, and ultimately student success. In addition, the conduct process encourages the preparation of students for fulfilling lives, meaningful work, and responsible citizenship. 

    Student Conduct

    Student Handbook

  10. Student Involvement and Leadership

    The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership supports and encourages meaningful involvement and works to connect Mount Union community members with one another to both create and continue the opportunities to do so.

    Student Involvement