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fatima magana headshot
fatima magana headshot

Fatima Magana ‘22

Mount Union communication studies, French, and Japanese triple major

Mount Union has given me an amazing academic career. I have amazing professors who help me with anything it is that I need.


Communication Studies, French, and Japanese


Alliance, Ohio

Discovering Mount 

I heard about Mount Union because I would attend any visit that representatives of Mount Union would make to Alliance High School. I was also a member of T.I.E so I would visit the campus frequently. I chose Mount Union because of the Foreign Language Department. All three of my majors are preparing me to help non-English speakers communicate with English speakers I want to help reduce language barriers.

A Second Home

The people that I've met in my French and Japanese majors make Mount Union feel like a second home. Engaging with people in my language majors has taught me to reduce my shyness. I would say that attending a small university is better because you actually get to build a relationship with your professor(s). Students should pick the university that offers their major. I was a high school student who wanted to go to a big university, however, I learned that what matters is my learning experience. Mount Union has given me an amazing academic career. I have amazing professors who help me with anything it is that I need.

Experiential Opportunities 

I would say that my on-campus job as a front desk receptionist for the Business Office is an experiential learning opportunity because I'm gaining real life skills as I assist my superiors in many tasks. I am constantly learning new skills of which technology use is one of them. I know how to use technology, but I am not a pro at it. This job has taught me to be patient too. My experience with the Integrative Core will make me a better professional in my field by helping me reduce my public speaking anxiety. The more public speaking that I do in my classes, the less anxiety I experience.

Dream Job 

My ultimate career goal is to become an Interpreter. I found my passion to help people communicate early in high school. Mount Union is preparing me for my dream job through their communications major; I've learned that there is more to the speaking part of communicating. Mount Union is preparing me to become an Interpreter through their amazing foreign language department. I consider myself a language geek. Therefore, learning two languages at the same time fascinates me.