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Joshua Clay headshot
Joshua Clay headshot

Joshua Clay '25

Music Composition and Computer Science major

The ability to take various courses gives me the opportunity to take advantage of everything that is offered to me as a student.


B.A., Music Composition

B.S., Computer Science


Canton, OH

Other Interest

Trustee Scholarship recipient

Why Mount Union?

College promotional material is endless towards the end of high school. Imagine the scene in Harry Potter: The Philosopher's Stone where the Hogwarts letters are flying in through the chimney, that's not far off! I sorted every college by academic programs, location, and price. Then I ranked each taking into consideration if both of my majors were offered. Mount Union was one of two private colleges left after sorting all my acceptance letters and the only private college I liked after touring college campuses. I preferred the smaller class sizes over public colleges, so I chose Mount Union.

Two Different Career Paths

I chose to double major because I have an interest for many things. I chose music composition because my love for music began as a hobby in high school. I wanted not only to become better at my hobby, but also looked into doing something professionally with it. Computer science involves logic and problem-solving skills; something I love to use. I've always enjoyed logic and programming-like things as far back as playing Minecraft as a pre-teen. In seventh grade, I was introduced to a programming class, which I loved! Mount Union offering both academic programs that I had in mind pursuing upon graduating high school is fascinating. I am receiving many hands-on and real world experiences that will enhance my professional career.

Overcoming Obstacles

Freshmen orientation. As a socially anxious person, orientation was easily the worst experience I've had at Mount Union to date. I didn't know what to expect or what the turnout of the weekend would be. Though, faculty like Jeff Neitzke, director of bands has made my time at Mount Union memorable. My very first experience as a student at Mount Union was Band Camp the summer before my first semester. This experience was fun and allowed me to become familiar with part of the campus. Dr. Neitzke is such an enjoyable person and interacting with him through band camp made my experience fantastic.