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Julie Grant
Julie Grant

Julie Grant '03

Reporter/Anchor/Legal Editor

Mount Union gave me an incredibly solid foundation to build upon as I entered the workforce.


B.A. Mass Media


Stubenville, Ohio 

I am a host on the CourtTV Network. I incorporate my legal education from my J.D. and LL.M. and my past experiences from serving as a prosecutor into my journalism work.

Mount Has It All

My parents were the ones who encouraged me to visit Mount Union because they had heard great things about it. I am so glad they did!  It felt like home to me the minute I set foot on campus. I could immediately envision myself walking around the beautiful campus. Mount Union really has it all! A picture-perfect campus, state-of-the-art facilities, excellent professors, outstanding athletics, fun sorority and fraternity life, and an all-around friendly atmosphere.

A Two-Way Tie

My favorite professor is a two-way tie between Professor Harry Paidas and Dr. Jack DeSario. They are both extraordinary educators who made me strive to become the best journalist and lawyer I could be, and they were kind enough to give me their help and guidance even after I graduated.

Too Many to Remember

I was involved in so many things on campus that it’s hard to remember all of them! My favorite experiences were being a Purple Raiders cheerleader and member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Both experiences taught me wonderful life lessons. My cheerleading coach, Stephanie Unckrich, taught me to set high goals, work hard, and pray hard. My sorority sisters taught me the importance of lifting each other up with encouragement and making time to give back to the community. I was also the president of the Pre-Law Society, a member of the Dance Team and Dance Company, and a member of Women in Communications.

A Solid Foundation

Mount Union gave me an incredibly solid foundation to build upon as I entered the workforce. I had actual live broadcasting experience from the time I spent working in the campus radio station, WRMU. The writing and computer classes were particularly helpful to me in both broadcast news writing and legal writing because I use my writing skills, computer skills, and voice over skills every single day. The curriculum at Mount broadened my critical thinking ability and helped me develop the healthy habit of always asking questions when I am learning something new. Mount Union’s liberal arts education truly set me up for success as a journalist and as an attorney, and it was the educational foundation that allowed me to continue furthering my education.

Staying Connected

My Mount Union friends are some of my most treasured and valued friends. I talk to them every single day! I also return to Mount as often as I can to see a football game, and I enjoy interacting on social media with friends and other alumni.

The Learning Continues

I am blessed to learn something new with every story I am tasked with telling. As a journalist, I feel a strong responsibility to educate others in the process of my storytelling. I love to be able to facilitate learning for others as part of my job.

Looking Forward

I want to become the best version of myself. I especially want to become the kindest person I can possibly be. When I see kindness, it inspires me. It is something I work at every day. I hope that is my legacy.