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Kerrie Dolick
Kerrie Dolick

Kerrie Dolick ‘19

Nursing Major

I was trying to find a school that had an exceptional nursing program, and Mount Union’s is truly remarkable.




New Concord, Ohio

Choosing Mount Union

I chose to attend Mount Union because as soon as I stepped onto campus the atmosphere was very friendly and accepting. I was trying to find a school that had an exceptional nursing program, and Mount Union’s is truly remarkable.

Founder’s and Mount Union Grant

I received scholarships from Mount Union including the Founder’s and the Mount Union Grant. The scholarships Mount Union offered me directly impacted my decision to attend here. College nowadays is not cheap by any means, but Mount Union understands that and because of them I have been able to attend a beautiful college and get a spectacular education.

Second Home

I don’t know how many times I have said over a break to my family that I can’t wait to go “home” meaning Mount Union. Everyone here is so welcoming, and the campus is very safe which gives the same feeling that I have at my actual home.

Advice to Perspective Students

Choose a campus that as soon as you step foot onto it, you feel like you are at home. That is what happened to me when I first attended Mount Union and I will never regret the decision of coming here!

Why Nursing

I chose nursing as my major because I have always had a strong passion for wanting to care for people! The nursing program has labs on campus that are set up like it would be in hospitals. After freshman year, we begin clinical rotations where typically once, and eventually twice, a week we go to local hospitals or care facilities and take care of actual patients. The clinical settings have been my favorite experiences so far because it has given us the ability to take the knowledge and skills we learned in the classroom and apply it in real life.

Influential Professor

Professor Concialdi is my favorite professor. She is truly remarkable and has overcome so much. She has influenced me every day to become not only a better nurse but a better human being.

Future Career

My ultimate goal would be to either work on a labor/delivery floor or work in a critical care unit. Mount Union’s nursing program is helping me prepare by offering various clinical settings where I can experience these fields as well as providing practice NCLEX exams and helpful tips on how to pass the NCLEX to become a nurse.