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Kyle Spencer
Kyle Spencer

Kyle Spencer '22

Computer science major

Whatever I chose to do in the long run, I know Mount Union will prepare me for whats to come.


Computer science


Salem, OH

Becoming a Raider

I heard and learned about Mount Union from my older brother, Eric Spencer '15. He graduated from Mount Union with a degree in mechanical engineering. What made me attend the most was from what I heard about the computer science program and how good it really is! I got two scholarships which were the Hartshorn Award and the Salem Alumni Academic Merit Scholarship. The people I have met at Mount Union have been overall friendly and this of course includes my professors. The fact that my professors know me by my full name and not just a "number" in the class roster is a thing I am grateful for.

Advice to High School Seniors

Look towards a college that you feel like you will fit in and will have a great program for your ideal major. Mount Union is a great choice because the programs offered are really good and the university is a small campus, therefore, you shouldn't feel as overwhelmed as you might be at a much larger campus.

Choosing a Major

I choose computer science as my major because when growing up I have always had a fascination with computers. In my junior year of high school, I took a programming class under the computer language "Java". It was difficult then, learning something entirely new that I have never seen before. But after my junior year of high school I started programming more at home. Programming is all about problem solving, so I began to get really good at it. When I took the next programming class my senior year of high school, I ended up breezing right through it. I knew then when going into college, that I would chose computer science as my major. Now as a sophomore, I have self-taught myself multiple different languages and I enjoy what I do very much.

Getting Involved

My favorite experiential learning opportunity at Mount Union has been the hands-on labs in my programming classes. Watching our professor teach the lesson, then typing the code on our own machines, executing the code, and seeing the result happen live is an awesome experience, one of which what got me into computer science! The fact that you can create new software and see what you created happen on your screen is a fantastic experience. I feel my experience with the Integrative Core will make me a better professional in my field because of self-discipline. The work load in my Integrative Core classes has been higher than my work load in my major classes. Because of this, it has taught me not to ignore certain temptations, like watching TV but instead getting my work done early. It has taught me not to put things off to the last minute.

Life After Graduation

My ultimate career goal/dream is a tough decision. Apart of my me wants to go into creating software at a big corporation like Microsoft. The other part of me wants to work in game development. And last part of me wants to work in the automobile industry, designing computer software for vehicles. Whatever I chose to do in the long run, I know Mount Union will prepare me for what’s to come. Mount Union is preparing me for what decision I make because of the experiences I gain in my classes that will benefit me in the job market and the new material/topics I learn.