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gasparik headshot
gasparik headshot

Madison Gasparik '22

Nursing major

Even though my time at Mount Union is coming to end, it will forever be my home.


B.S., Nursing


Alliance, Ohio

Choosing Mount Union

I have had many family members and friends attend Mount Union. Growing up the school was in my hometown, so it was a common gathering place. I enjoyed attending football games, along with other events. It always felt like home. Throughout my high school years, Mount Union developed a reputable nursing program which made me even more interested. I was grateful to receive the Investment Alliance Scholarship.

A Second Home

The people at Mount Union make it a second home. I always feel so welcomed and enjoy my time on campus. Everyone I have met along the way always has a smile on their face and seem interested in my college experience. I would tell kids looking at colleges to try not to pick a school because that is where everyone else is going. Choose the place that feels like home even if the school is in your backyard, you make the memories and experiences on campus. Get involved! Join Greek life, a club, or a sport. Focus on what you want to be when you grow up!


Career Goals

I chose nursing as my major because I enjoy caring for others. I knew I always wanted to be in the medical field but wasn't exactly sure on the specifics. There are many aspects of nursing such as bedside nursing, management, outpatient services and further education. I look at nursing as a work of art. It takes a special person to perform the many tasks of a nurse. I like to talk, advocate, educate, and care for others. My ultimate career goal is to become a nurse then further my education to become a nurse practitioner. I look forward to what the future holds. Mount Union has prepared me well for my upcoming graduation. I feel ready to move on and be a successful nurse. Even though my time at Mount Union is coming to end, it will forever be my home.


Opportunities through UMU

I have had many learning opportunities at Mount Union. To begin, I started using the simulation rooms in Gallaher Hall that has mannequins that have pulses, can breathe, blink, make noises, and a variety of other things. We also had arms to practice placing IVs, along with wound packing, tracheostomy care, and medication administration. I then moved along to clinical rotations. I got to care for patients in a variety of different settings. So far, my favorite has been Akron Children's Hospital. I am currently a student nurse there and have had amazing experiences. I have attended various procedures, along with therapies. Kids are so fun to be around! I have had opportunities to expand my skills outside of nursing as well. I think the Integrative Core will make me a better professional in my field because of the skills I have learned. I can speak in front of an audience, write papers, research topics, and conduct myself in a professional manner.