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Matt Ziders
Matt Ziders

Matt Ziders M '17

Assistant Principal

Being able to take on a new job immediately after completing the program has shown how impactful my Mount Union experience was. Furthering your education is always an investment that is worthwhile.


Master of Arts in Educational Leadership


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Currently: Massillon, OH

As the new assistant principal at Jackson High School, I will oversee approximately 1,000 students as well as teachers in the science department. I will work with other administrators throughout the school year to ensure that all students in the building have the ability to meet and exceed their potential.

School-Work-Life Balance Made Easy

The master's in educational leadership program at Mount Union provided the perfect mix of content that made achieving a master’s degree attainable while still meeting the needs of my family and my profession. Being a teacher and a head swim coach, as well as spending time with my wife (Jaclyn, married 10 years), and my four children (Olivia, age 7, Katie age 5, Elaina age 3, Jonathan- six months), can prove difficult enough. Setting aside additional time to attend a face to face class would not have been feasible with my schedule.  The online content provided me the opportunity to work at my own pace at times that worked within my schedule.

Outstanding Faculty

Each professor did an outstanding job of providing excellent content throughout the program, and I really enjoyed getting to know Dr. Capel, Dr. Askren-Edgehouse, and Dr. Martin. I worked with Dr. Capel the most throughout my two years, and I was always impressed with both the content provided in her class, as well as the resources that she provided. Dr. Capel was always there to answer questions and help me through the process of attaining my first job in school administration. The professors truly care about their students, and even though we were not seeing them on a weekly basis as would happen in a traditional class, it was always easy to get a hold of them if anything was needed. I would certainly recommend the program to anyone looking to gain an administrative license - there is no reason to look any further than Mount Union.

Future Achievements

The biggest goal I have for myself is to continue to be a lifelong learner. I am a big believer that if you are standing still, then you are really moving backwards. My goal is to be the best that I can be in my current position, and to continue to grow as both a learner and a leader. Even though I have not started in my new position yet, I am looking forward to impacting students in a different way as an assistant principal. I have always had a passion for leadership, and I look forward to using that passion to help everyone in our building find success.