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Medical Spanish

Mount Union’s minor in medical Spanish is a program designed to enable you to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking patients. With all of the courses either online or able to be delivered online, the minor in medical Spanish at Mount Union has the flexibility for today’s hectic world and will fit easily into any schedule.

Courses include material based on anatomy, pathology, and epidemiology as well as cultural themes that will facilitate communication with your Hispanic patients. Whether currently working at a hospital or a clinic or studying for a career in medicine, the minor in medical Spanish at Mount Union will give students the skills you need to be successful in an ever-diverse world.

Minor in Medical Spanish Quick Facts

  • The minor in medical Spanish consists of 16 or 20 semester credit hours of study in Spanish. Those students who study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country are required to complete only 16 semester hours.  Those who do not study abroad must complete 20 semester hours.
  • Those who pursue a minor in medical Spanish will obtain sufficient reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in Spanish, suitable for medical practitioners who interact with Spanish-speaking patients.
  • Students minoring in medical Spanish will be able to gain hands-on experience by studying abroad.
  • Hispanic Organization Latin America (H.O.L.A.) is a student-led organization on campus that seeks to educate the community on Hispanic culture and diversity.

Interested in a minor in medical Spanish? Learn more about the required classes you will be taking by reading the course descriptions and course catalog.