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Mike Wheeler '05

Chief Legal Officer

The education is driven by excellence and, no matter the field of study, a degree from Mount Union is an investment that will take you far.


B.A., Political Science, University of Mount Union


Canton, Ohio

I am the Chief Legal Officer at Patriot Software Company and serve as president of the Board of Directors. In my role, I provide a deep understanding of the company and am actively in the midst of raising roughly $20 million in growth capital via a private stock offering.

Choosing Mount

My campus visit happened to fall on the afternoon/evening of September 11, 2001. I almost canceled my visit that day, not yet knowing the extent of the attacks on America, but I am so glad that I decided to visit Mount Union. I was immersed in what became a truly beautiful unification of students on campus regardless of personal, religious, or political belief. An impromptu service was held at Dewald Chapel, and my heart connected to a packed crowd filled with complete strangers. I knew Mount Union would give me the opportunity to befriend and learn from others, to be heard, and to make a lasting impact. At Mount Union, I knew I found somewhere to belong.

Meaningful Experiences to Meaningful Career

Through Mount Union, I was able to intern at the Republican National Convention, where I was assigned to work both with the top leaders from the state of Ohio and to be the liaison to the African delegation of students. I was unsure about going to law school or entering a career after college, so Dr. William Cunion helped me set up an internship that ultimately influenced me to defer law school and pursue a career after graduation. Now I’m in a career that exceeds even my greatest expectations. Who would have thought that a young pre-law grad would end up becoming a lawyer in the software business? It goes to show that the unexpected is possible when you mix hard work and perseverance with an open mind.

Value of a Mount Education

Mount Union is an excellent school, and its reputation in the community stands out from its peers. The education is driven by excellence and, no matter the field of study, a degree from Mount Union is an investment that will take you far. Mount Union taught me to believe in myself, to take calculated risks, and to try to step into leadership roles even when it was uncomfortable. At Mount, I learned that I could foresee a vision and work hard to see it become reality. The question isn’t always “Who is the smartest?” Instead, the results often come from those who are willing to work the hardest or have the determination to be excellent.

Overarching Goals

Each of us are given the opportunity to springboard beyond the degrees we achieve or the work that we do, but do we ever take full advantage of it? I personally feel called to help small business owners across America save time and money by offering incredibly affordable business solutions for accounting and payroll. With that vision, I hope to be an advocate for those who need a voice, and my wife and I hope to encourage our three young sons to dare to dream and to leave the world a better place than how they found it.