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Political Science

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Degree

Become a changemaker in fields you are passionate about with a Bachelor of Arts in political science degree at the University of Mount Union. Our comprehensive program will help you develop the necessary skills to make an impact in your local communities and on a global scale.

Our expert faculty bring impactful knowledge to the classroom and offer personalized advising sessions for your career ambitions. Whether you want to make a difference in the areas of civil rights, gender equity, government spending, and many others, our political science major will prepare you for post-graduate success. 

About the Program

The political science program at Mount Union features an array of topics that are essential for a variety of industries. You will receive several active learning opportunities outside of the classroom, including mock trials, student-led Model UN, and research presentations at local and national conferences.

Our successful alumni have established careers in the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Congress, and law firms across the country. Secure a relevant internship of your own through the help of our well-connected faculty and Office of Career Development, propelling you to early career success of your own.

Political Science Quick Facts

  • 44 credit hours within the political science degree program
  • 32 credit hours in the well-rounded Integrative Core
  • Travel to conferences and seminars or through Study Abroad
  • Intern with local or regional foreign affairs offices and government organizations
  • Accelerate your law career with our 3+3 B.A./J.D. Programs with The University of Akron and Capital University

Learn more about the Degree in Political Science

Build your career foundation with the Bachelor of Arts in political science degree program at Mount Union. Through your internship, specialized experiences, networking, and a strong academic curriculum, you be ready to excel in any industry that drives your professional goals.


  • Curriculum


    As a political science major at the University of Mount Union, you will explore the American government, international relations and the American legal system. You will gain hands-on experience through organizations such as the Law and Justice Association and have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the real world through internships with government agencies or local attorneys and judges.

    University Catalog

  • Learning Objectives


    The political science major at the University of Mount Union teaches students the processes of different political institutions. You will learn through class discussion and participation about decision making in the political world. In addition to the learning objectives listed below the challenging coursework and political science major requirements will enhance your ability to think critically, improve your ability to write with clarity, improve your ability to orally communicate effectively and will increase your ability to make sound judgments through analytical reasoning.

    Opportunities such as Model United Nations, internships, mock trial and international security simulations are available to political science degree students to better prepare them for career success and graduate study. 

    Political science majors enter the workforce as legislative and congressional aides, U.S. Secret Service agents, city and county administrators, elected officials and lawyers. If you are interested in any of those career paths, a continued education in the political science field is right for you.

    General Objectives

    • Students will be able to describe and explain the functions of various institutions of government, both in the United States and elsewhere.
    • Students will be able to discuss a broad array of concepts related to government and politics.
    • Political Theory Objectives:
    • Students will be able to accurately define, evaluate, and critique the basic principles (e.g., liberty, equality, rights) inherent within our political/ philosophical framework of democracy.
    • Students will be able to contrast democracy with competing political systems.

    Methodological Objectives

    • Students will be able to read and interpret tables, charts, and graphs commonly found in the Political Science literature.
    • Students will be able to apply appropriate tests to perform basic data analysis, correctly interpreting the results of those tests.
    • Students will be able to identify the methods used in various sub-fields of Political Science and employ those methods in an appropriate manner.
  • Experiential Learning


    Students who choose to major in political science at the University Mount Union have ample opportunities to get “real-world” experience outside of the classroom. Getting involved in student organizations and extracurricular opportunities such as Model United Nations will help prepare you for a successful career in government or any political science field. 



    Internships provide you with the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience in the real world. University of Mount Union students have interned at all levels of the government as well as with organizations and companies that deal directly or indirectly with the government. These organizations/individuals include:

    • Government agencies
    • Local attorneys and judges
    • Interest groups
    • The Washington Center Program (assignments in the Washington, DC area)




    Pre-Law Society is a student-led organization on Mount Union’s campus. 

    Model United Nations (MUN) is a student-led organization on Mount Union’s campus that aims to promote a better understanding of the United Nations and provide the grounds for an active simulation of the United Nations. A primary goal of the organization is to have students actively participate in Model United Nations conferences and tournaments.

    Sigma Iota Rho: Sigma Iota Rho is the International Studies Honor Society. It was founded in 1984 with the mission “to promote and reward scholarship and service among students and practitioners of international studies, international affairs, and global studies and to foster integrity and creative performance in the conduct of world affairs." Mount Union is the Gamma Eta chapter (the 79th chapter in the nation) and was founded in 2006. 

    Pi Sigma Alpha: Pi Sigma Alpha is the Political Science Honor Society. It was founded in 1920 at the University of Texas at Austin. Its mission is to promote high academic achievement in Political Science. Mount Union’s chapter was founded in 2005. 

    College Republicans and College Democrats are student-led organizations on Mount Union’s campus. 

  • Careers



    Congressman Bill Johnson
    Boys and Girls Club of Lorain County
    City of Canton
    Governor Kasich's Office
    Ohio Attorney General's Office
    Japanese Mission to United Nations
    The Association of Old Crows
    Department of Homeland Security
    US Air Force
    Department of Justice


    The Ohio State University
    Miami University
    Fordham University
    University of South Carolina
    University of North Carolina
    University of Pittsburgh
    West Virginia University
    University of Dayton
    Wake Forest Law
    Vanderbilt Law


    Government agencies
    Market Analyst


The Department of Social Sciences has hosted three Presidential Legacy Conferences in partnership with The Ray C. Bliss Institute for Applied Politics at The University of Akron. Professors, correspondents, and government officials have attended to analyze the careers of former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. Past attendees have included individuals from:

  • CBS News
  • National Public Radio (NPR)
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • The White House
  • 40+ national colleges and universities

Political Science Spotlights