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2019 Nature Center Photography Contest

March 06, 2019
The 2019 Nature Photography Contest and Exhibit hosted by the Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center received and displayed 111 photo entries. Formal judging was completed prior to the gallery opening, and judges awarded ribbons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention. People’s Choice ribbons were awarded based on votes from the general public from February 22 through March 3. Congratulations to the photographers named below, and thank you to all of the participants that submitted photos for this year’s exhibit. The Exhibit is on display through March 10, 2019.
  • Youth: 1st - Hailey Zorn, 2nd - Hailey Zorn, 3rd - Lydia Zorn, People’s Choice - Hailey Zorn
  • Seasons: 1st - Margie Blake, 2nd - Dan Lux, 3rd - Susanne Lux, Honorable Mention - Matt Hoffman, People’s Choice - Matt Hoffman
  • Wildlife (Vertebrates): 1st - Bill Roloff, 2nd - Michelle Wittensoldner, 3rd - Cheryl Withey, Honorable Mention - Fran Hall, Cheryl Withey, Bruce Hixon, People’s Choice - Cheryl Withey
  • Wildlife (Invertebrates): 1st - George Weigly, 2nd - Bill Roloff, 3rd - Scott Watkins, Honorable Mention - Bill Roloff, People’s Choice - Michelle Wittensoldner
  • Wild Plants: 1st - Patty Rickard, 2nd - Linda Chen, 3rd - Susanne Lux, Honorable Mention - Linda Chen, People’s Choice - Dawna Louise Earl
  • Landscapes: 1st - Michelle Wittensoldner, 2nd - Patty Rickard, 3rd - Margie Blake, Honorable Mention - Jordan Kercheff, Patty Rickard, People’s Choice - Michelle Wittensoldner
  • Black & White: 1st - Fran Hall, 2nd - Bruce Hixon, 3rd - Matt Hoffman, Honorable Mention - Lucy Baer, People’s Choice - John Hill
  • Nature Center: 1st - Margie Blake, Honorable Mention - Lucy Baer, People’s Choice - Margie Blake
  • UMU Campus: Honorable Mention - Lucy Baer, People’s Choice - Lucy Baer
  • Open Category: 1st - Margie Blake, 2nd - Cheryl Withey, 3rd - Dan Lux, Honorable Mention - Patty Rickard, People’s Choice - Cheryl Withey
  • Best in Show: George Weigly - Great Spangled Fritillary in Wildlife (Invertebrates) category