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Crisis Communication

The manner in which the University of Mount Union responds in times of crisis – whether it be an emergency, controversy, rumor or weather-related issue – can have a lasting impact on the University’s status. We live in day and age in which higher education can quickly become national news. The decisions made by colleges and universities, as well as their responses to adversity and challenge, are subject to robust media coverage and public scrutiny. Transparency, honesty and quick response are expected. Thus a detailed and well-thought-out plan of action is necessary to successfully navigate a crisis situation.

Crisis Communication Plan

The institution's crisis communication plan provides policies and procedures for the coordination of communication events with all constituents in the event of an emergency, controversial issue, rumor situation, or weather-related event. This plan outlines the roles, responsibilities, and protocols that will be implemented to ensure the timely release of information; how those efforts align with other existing plans, policies, and procedures of the University; and the foundational philosophies that will inform these approaches.

Blackboard Connect

Blackboard Connect is Mount Union’s mass communication system that allows University officials to reach all members of the campus community with information during unforeseen events or emergencies within minutes. The system utilizes e-mail and telephone (cell phones, campus residential and office phones, and home phones) to relay critical information. Members of the campus community also benefit from text messaging, social media, and RSS feed components, extremely valuable tools that increase the University’s ability to contact students, faculty, and staff at critical times.

To ensure that the system continues to work properly and to give members of the campus community the opportunity to update information on a regular basis, Mount Union issues a test of Blackboard Connect each semester. Members of the campus community will be notified of upcoming test dates via e-mail and will be given the opportunity to update cell phone information prior to all testing dates.

Crisis Communication Resources

Access these resources for more information regarding emergencies and crisis.