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Mount Union Invites Community to Join STAND Initiative

April 13, 2018

ALLIANCE, Ohio – The Department of Exercise Science and the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Mount Union have begun the STAND initiative, which represents “Steps Taken Against Neuromuscular Decline.”

In future decades, we will have fewer children to care for a greater number of older adults. It is therefore important for people to be functionally independent as long as possible.

Approved by the Institutional Review Board and led by Dr. Nate Saunders, assistant professor of exercise Science, and Dr. Megan Salvatore, assistant professor of physical therapy, the purpose of the initiative is to study how fitness changes with age, and to help people maintain their independence throughout life. 

The study focuses on adults who are 40 years of age or older, and Saunders and Salvatore invite members of the local community to participate. Benefits of participating include free annual fitness testing, personalized consultation with activity recommendations, and the opportunity to take part in a study that will improve our understanding of how people age. 

Saunders and Salvatore will conduct testing and consultations on Mount Union’s campus as well as a variety of other locations in the area. Mount Union computer science students have also partnered with the initiative to build a web database for participant data, and to develop mobile applications for the assessment of several fitness tasks.

Anyone interested in participating should contact Saunders at or (330) 754-9119.