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Mount Union Professor Teachers Entrepreneurial Mindset to Minerva Faculty

January 25, 2018

MINERVA, Ohio – On Friday, January 12, Michael Kachilla, associate professor of management and director of entrepreneurial studies, presented to a group of Minerva High School teachers on the topic of creating an entrepreneurial mindset in students.

Roughly 40 high school teachers were in attendance to hear Kachilla lecture on the philosophy behind a successful entrepreneur and how the mindset can apply to any occupation. The presentation included specific tools that can be used by these high school teachers to increase their students’ level of creativity.

“I was very excited for the opportunity to present to teachers who have contact with younger students,” said Kachilla. “The entrepreneurial mindset is absolutely essential for all businesses, big or small.”

Kachilla used a combination of lecture, presentation and workshop in order to demonstrate to the attendees the 11 entrepreneurship competencies and the five methods of entrepreneurship. Additionally, he worked to prove that assumptions can limit creativity and hinder entrepreneurial ideas. Through lateral thinking, Kachilla proved how to break assumptions and overcome them.

“Entrepreneurship touches every content area, as teachers constantly and creatively provide learning experiences for students,” said Becky Miller, curriculum director for Minerva Local Schools.

"I think the best part of this entrepreneurship initiative is the positive momentum that had been built between the business and education communities to share knowledge and resources to support student success,” said Dawn L. Campanelli, president of the Junior Achievement of East Central Ohio, Inc. “This Peer-to-Peer workshop was encouraging to gain training on entrepreneurial activities that could be applied in any classroom. Junior Achievement is very proud to be an innovation partner with Minerva Local, Mount Union, and the business community to empower the future.”