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"Snow" Place Like Mount Union

February 04, 2019

By: Allie Lyncha ‘21 

I remember first time I saw Mount’s campus. The trees were full of bright green leaves, allowing just a bit of sun to pass through to light the various paths. I remember students walking around, chatting with friends, heading into Chapman, KHIC, and all of the different residential buildings round the campus community. Then came winter, and the snow provided an image some will never forget. 

Students from various southern states spent their winters experiencing something they never have before – snow. Being from Northern Ohio, snow was never something I saw in a special light. However, this is a first experience for many. 

Callie Landry ‘22, a freshman nursing major from Broussard, Louisiana, said, “I was so excited to see snow. I remember smiling so big when I saw it. Snow had always been something that was on TV, never something in real life. I knew that snow existed, but never really thought much of it.”

“My first impression of snow was that it was not what I expected. I didn’t realize that there were different kinds of snow,” said Aurelia Incristi ’21, a biochemistry major from Rockwell, Texas. “I thought it was all just the fluffy cute snow you see on TV. I didn’t realize that there were slushier forms and forms with more ice that made playing in the snow less fun. My favorite part of snow is when it falls at night, because everything is calm and peaceful. I’m also very excited because one of my teammates from Minnesota promised to teach me how to build my first snowman when there’s enough of the right kind of packing snow.”

For some though, the cold and the snow are something that was expected. That being said, they didn’t know quite what to expect to see.

Malik Britt ‘21, a sophomore management and sport business double major from Chesapeake, Virginia, said, “I knew it would be cold when I committed to play football here, but I didn’t know it would be this cold. When I first saw it, I ran to my room and instantly started recording it out of my window. I put it on my Instagram and Snapchat story. I thought it would be easier to make snowballs. It was too soft, and all my snowballs turned into dust.”

When moving to Ohio, snow and freezing temperatures come with the territory. While some may love it much more than others, I love it “snow” much.