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Sowers ’11 M’17 Named North Canton Schools Faculty Member of the Month

February 11, 2021

NORTH CANTON, Ohio — University of Mount Union alumnus Taylor Sowers ’11 M’17, was recently named the faculty member of the month from the North Canton City School District for January.

Sowers, a teacher at North Canton Middle School, earned a Bachelor of Arts in middle childhood education and a Master of Arts in educational leadership from Mount Union.

Sowers decided to come back to Mount to further his knowledge of education and educational administration. He notes that while he did not pursue the principal's licensure route, nor the educational technology route, he still felt the experiences were extremely valuable to his growth in teaching. 

“To be named faculty member of the month for North Canton is a huge honor for me,” Sowers said. “When I came to North Canton, I reevaluated some practices and theoretical approaches, but always kept the Mount Union education in the back of my mind. I still hold true to my high values of hard work, be involved in continued educational growth, and be a person of service.” 

Alongside his current teaching responsibilities, Sowers is currently a team captain for North Canton Middle School’s work with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for childhood cancer research.

“Mr. Sowers is a fantastic science teacher that I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know within the last couple of years as an associate principal,” said Michael Coppa, associate principal at North Canton Middle School. “He is conscientious and methodical within his instructional approach, as his lessons not only builds upon the prior knowledge of students but allows students the opportunity to work independently and make choices within their demonstration and application of knowledge. Mr. Sowers is reflective and seeks many opportunities to refine his craft to best support the learning opportunities for students, and thus, clearly a leader in his field and a considerable nomination for Teacher of the Month.”

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