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Voices of Mount Union – Howard Frazier

October 20, 2021

By: Lynn Reutens '23

Howard Frazier ‘22 transferred to Mount Union in the Spring of 2020 and confidently voiced, “Mount Union is definitely a community of great people, and this is exactly why I transferred here.” 

Frazier is a senior currently pursuing a major in political science and a minor in sport business. He is also presently involved in an internship as a software sales representative with Squirrels LLC, a wireless screen mirroring software company. It is without a doubt that his strong ambition and determination will one day see his goals come true in becoming a successful head of sales.

“From my perspective, success is two-fold,” he said, modestly. “Getting good grades is important but making connections with people and getting involved on campus is equally as important. For me, it’s all about people involvement.”

It is no wonder that he started — and spearheads — the Freedom Society at Mount Union, is a Student Senate representative for the Transfer Student Organization, and a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha. But, he admitted, “It’s really about striking that work-life balance. Now that I am working as well, I must manage my time so that my courses don’t get neglected. I played football in the past so that student-athlete experience is embedded in me and is really helping me adjust into taking on more responsibilities. I mean, I am excited to move into full-time adulthood.” 

“I remember being in Dr. [Jim] Kadlecek’s business class and he really believed in me and opened up new avenues for me so I can navigate my life into a successful route,” he recalled. “Mount Union does a really good job of integrating transfer students into the campus community. It really didn’t take me long to feel at home here. But it’s really about putting yourself out there and to not be afraid to try new things at Mount Union.”

In his spare time Frazier sets off to Pleasant View Golf Club for rounds of golf, watches sports, and works out in the gym.

“I have a passion for sports and have been a longtime fan of the Cincinnati Bengals,” he said with a smile. “I mean I really live and die with them throughout. It is a good thing, don’t you think, to stick with something that you believe in?” On that, he is absolutely right.

Mount Union does a really good job of integrating transfer students into the campus community. It really didn’t take me long to feel at home here.

Howard Frazier '22

He openly expressed how his family, parents John and Kim, younger sister Meghan, younger brother Kevin, and his grandmother mean the world to him and shared his grandmother’s legendary slogan that he holds dear to his heart, “You do for family.” Frazier, of Irish decent, expressed how he would like to visit Ireland in the future and embark on a family tree hunt in search of his history and to learn about the Irish culture. 

There is a famous line that originated from a true story from the coach of the Mighty 12 Mites high school football team who drew America, including the President to the playing fields in Texas, “Hard work leads to great beginnings, knowledge is power, and education, now that’s the key.” Mount Union has truly proven itself over the years to not only attract students to accomplish their educational goals, but as Frazier smoothly said:

“I found everything right here. There’s something phenomenal about education. It is important, it grooms us, guides us, and it really shapes us into powerful people.”

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