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Voices of Mount Union – Marci Muckleroy

October 18, 2021

By: Lynn Reutens '23

Mount Union is proud to celebrate National Transfer Student Week October 18-22, which embraces an all-inclusive transfer experience for all transfer students by valuing the power of education and how it can transform the lives of people. It was an honor to speak with Marci Muckleroy, director of transfer and readmission at Mount Union. She offered insight into her role and responsibilities and how she embraces her passion for helping students navigate their transfer challenges while proudly supporting their successes.

Growing up, Muckleroy already set herself up for wanting to be involved in the academia world. She envisioned herself as a teacher moving into a higher role in a college. She earned a bachelor’s from the University of Akron, went on to obtain her master’s in higher education from Kent State University, and holds a Certificate in College Teaching. She beautifully expressed how her mother is the most influential person in her life.

“She has been there for me from the very beginning,” Muckleroy said. “She has a work ethic like no one I’ve ever met. She has always put others before herself.”

Perhaps it is no wonder why Muckleroy has been repeatedly acknowledged by transfer students as a caring, supporting, and amazing individual.

Muckleroy was born and raised in Southeast Ohio, in a little river town called Bellaire, known as the All-American town.

“It was a great place to grow up in, everyone was part of my upbringing, and we were a close-knit community,” she said. “Bellaire will always have a special place in my heart. It made me who I am today.” 

It has been 11 years since Muckleroy took her first steps onto campus at Mount Union. 

“There are so many great things to say about this institution. It is just true to its core,” Muckleroy said. “When I first arrived, this place was big enough for students to be involved and small enough to have that family atmosphere. Eleven years later, this is all still true, but we have grown. Mount Union has embraced the STEM programs but has still stayed true to the liberal arts. This institution has moved positively with the times, but it has continued to remain true in its vision.” 

“I always tell my transfer students to take advantage of their fresh start here and to embrace the power of opportunity,” she said. “The goal is to focus on the things you can control and to focus on the first step, not the entire staircase.”

One of Muckleroy’s fondest experiences in engaging with students was her trip to Wisconsin several years ago as a chaperone for the Mount Union cheerleaders.

“I’m trying to find the right words to tell you how happy I was. Everything about the trip was so beautiful,” she said through a smile. “The students were electrifying and so energetic on the field. I still remember how we had to rush to the airport because we nearly missed our flight home. We all had a tremendous amount of fun.”

Muckleroy also shared about her first involvement and presentation at the National Academic Advising Association Conference (NACADA) that opened new doors for her truly envisioning the power of transfer practitioners and administrators. 

the muckleroy family holding hands on football field

In her free time, Muckleroy devotes her heart to her family. Her husband, Todd, teaches high school government and social studies while also coaching the boys’ varsity basketball team. She describes him as, “truly the love of my life.”

She shared how she tries to never miss her children’s volleyball and basketball games because they mean the world to her. Zane, her eldest, has begun his college search while Abby, her middle daughter, is a junior, and Ceci, her youngest, is in eighth grade. 

Family certainly means the world to Muckleroy, and like her family, she is just as proud to have found her special place within the University of Mount Union. 

“I love being able to be me exactly where I am.”

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