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Voices of Mount Union – Natalie Zucco

October 21, 2021

By: Lynn Reutens '23

Natalie Zucco ’23 is a rising junior who transferred to Mount Union this fall semester. Her powerful athletic charisma led her to be part of the Mount Union’s volleyball team while pursuing a business degree. 

“Transferring here was the best thing in my life,” Zucco expressed. “Mount really pushes you to be the best version of yourself and I’m so glad I am here.”  

Zucco modestly articulated that her ambition is to start her own business and her dream job would be to own and run a yoga center at some point in her life.

“This will take a lot of determination and risk, but I will definitely feel achieved after my dreams and ideas become a reality,” she said. “There will always be a start in any career, and I am happy to start and climb my way up. I mean I really love working with people.” 

Her simple, yet driven attitude wonderfully explains why Zucco has already taken centerstage at Mount Union. Together with her volleyball teammates, she recently celebrated their win after a phenomenal game at Muskingum last week. After several years, the Mount Union team had finally grabbed back this win, and it simply stood testament to the hard work and dedication from them all. Rejoicing, Zucco said, “This is truly an environment to thrive in.” 

Transferring here was the best thing in my life. Mount really pushes you to be the best version of yourself and I’m so glad I am here.

Natalie Zucco '23

Her candid nature about her life and goals, and her decision to transfer to Mount Union truly explains her happiness. Born and raised in North Royalton, Ohio, Zucco reiterates how her family has always supported her in all her endeavors. Her parents Tom and Kathy, sister Nicole and Grandma Dorothy never fail to attend her volleyball games. 

“Family means everything to me, and it is a support system I have been very blessed with,” she said.

When asked about her initial transfer and arrival on campus, she excitedly said that Marci Muckleroy, director of transfer and readmission at Mount Union, had helped her tremendously to settle in and moved her in the right directions to be involved on campus.

“I felt motivated by the people around me and was so welcomed,” Zucco said. “It was very easy meeting new people and building relationships. My sister Nicole was right to encourage me to make the changes I wanted to see in my life, and I truly love her for that.”

It is no wonder that Zucco offers a resilient, positive, and empathic nature in all that she sets out to do. While her hobbies include lifting weights, working out, canvas painting and watching horror movies. 

“If I had a boat, I’d call it Mama’s Boy and I’d sail to Spain to dance, meet people, dig into an authentic Paella and rest my body on a hammock right on Rodas Beach,” she excitedly whispered. “This would be a great holiday. But I would definitely return to Mount Union to continue to work hard so I can really live my dreams.”

Just like Chris Stapleton’s song “Starting Over,” Mount Union has and will continue to be that starting over point for many who in their years ahead will look back and be able to smile.

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