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Peyton Leinweber '26

Management and theatre double major

While being a first-generation student is something I'm proud of, navigating college was the biggest obstacle I had to overcome. I could not have done so without the support from my family and friends.


B.S. Management

B.A. Theatre


Painesville, Ohio

Other Interest

Trustee Scholarship recipient

Why Mount Union?

One of my high school teachers knew a professor at Mount Union which spoke about the theatre proogram. While I was originally interested in being a double major in civil engineering and theatre, learning more about Mount through this connection allowed me to envision myself as a student on campus. I then realized that rather than being an engineer, I would like to open my own business one day. When exploring other programs at UMU, I found the two programs that fit my interests.

Overcoming obstacles

Navigating the college system has been the biggest obstacle I've had to overcome. While being a first-generation student is something I'm proud of, my parents had no prior knowledge of what needed to be done to begin enrollment. But, their support has been a motivation for me to acheive every one of my goals. In college, Ryan Patterson has had the biggest impact on my Mount Union experience because he has given me opportunities to develop the skills for my future career as a scenic designer.

Advice for Prospective Students

To those students looking at furthering their education, I'd tell them that exploring different college campuses opens your eyes to realize what your needs and wants are regarding your academic career and campus community. Choose a school that offers the program(s) you wish to major in while observing its campus life. Choose the school that feels like your home away from home and be open to stepping out of your comfort zone.