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A minor in philosophy empowers students to think clearly and creatively, providing them with experience in constructing and evaluating arguments about the most fundamental topics: the sources and limits of human knowledge, the nature of the world and the self, and the foundations of ethical and aesthetic value. A philosophy minor is an excellent companion to any major, marking you as a graduate with the proven ability to think clearly, deeply, and creatively.

Philosophy Minor Quick Facts

  • Most philosophy courses have no specific prerequisites and are open to all interested students.
  • Philosophy is recognized as exceptional preparation for further study in law, medicine, or other graduate studies.
  • Special courses in environmental and social ethics feature camping trips to wilderness areas and opportunities to engage in international service projects.
  • Many philosophy courses — such as medical ethics, business ethics, aesthetics, and the philosophy of science — fit especially well with other areas of study.
  • Most philosophy courses also enable students to meet Foundations or Explorations requirements.


Interested in a minor in philosophy? At the University of Mount Union, the philosophy minor is designed to reflect your interests. Philosophy minors can choose to take any four 4-credit PHL Courses, as long as at least three of them are at the 200-level or above (16 credits total). Learn more about the kinds of classes available by reading the course descriptions in the University Undergraduate Catalogue.