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Robert Arms '26

Accounting major

My goal upon graduating and receiving my degree is to work at a private firm.


B.A., Accounting


Pittsburgh, PA

Career Goals

I want to utilize my accounting degree to work at a private firm, working my way up. I chose accounting as my major because I really enjoy math; however, when you add the business component to math, you get accounting as a result. Accounting math is logical and can be implemented anywhere and the classes I've taken within the program have taught me so much, yet I have more to learn which will make me career-ready. Therefore, with my degree, I have endless opportunities.

Overcoming Obstacles

As a college student, it is difficult to manage time and balance everything that keeps us occupied as students: classes, work, and student life. I have had to learn to differentiate every situation such as what happens in class stays in class, what happens at work stays at work. Although I consider myself an introvert, I became a resident assistant which has allowed me to engage and befriend other students. Though, as an RA I was able to continue building my skillset-- I've learned to be responsible and be a leader.

Why Mount Union?

One of my high school coaches attended Mount Union and told me to check it out. My cousins also studied here. When touring the school I instantly felt welcomed. As an introvert, the small campus community allows me to succeed and achieve my goals. The small campus community offers a level of privacy as well as making me feel at home. I know that with the support and academic and professional opportunities that Mount Union offers me, I can graduate ready to enter the accounting field.