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samuel atkinson
samuel atkinson

Samuel Atkinson '21

Mechanical engineering and music major

I knew I wanted to try my hand at engineering and music and Mount Union was one of the few universities to gladly say I can do both.


Mechanical engineering 


Carrollton, OH 

Mount Union Legacy

Mount Union was a familiar campus for me because my older siblings had attended here years earlier. I knew I wanted to try my hand at engineering and music and Mount Union was one of the few universities to gladly say I can do both.

Community Feeling

Mount Union maintains a unique one-on-one relationship with professors while offering many extracurricular activities for students to get involved with and grow as a student body. With Mount being a smaller campus, it is very rare that I go to class or campus events without bumping into friends. The community here is great and the friends I have made feel like family.

Mechanics and Music

I chose mechanical engineering as my major because I knew I had an interest in mathematics, physics, and problem solving. I also chose to study music because it has always been a passion of mine and I want to know the piano on a professional level. My dream is to combine my love of music with my interest in engineering and find a suitable job that I love doing. 

Unique Experiences

I have had many hands-on laboratories that integrate general concepts with real-world applications, but I also enjoyed a summer internship with PCC Airfoils where I worked as a Product Engineering Co-op. There, I conducted a Design of Experiments with the mission to increase yield rate in the company's core reclaim process. As part of the Global Engineering course, I spent a week at the PCC branch in the United Kingdom studying inclusion rates of metal castings. Along with the experience of traveling in London and Leeds, I had the opportunity to see engineering on a global scale. I have also had the opportunity to tour with the Mount Union Concert Choir in the spring semester. My freshmen year we toured New England states and last year we toured Scotland. The Scotland tour marks my greatest experience because it was well organized, professional, and fun while demonstrating the opportunities Mount Union has to offer. 

Advice to Future Raiders

It is good to consider the location and financial details of universities you may be interested in. But it is also important to stop and think about what makes you happy. What colleges or universities have presented an image of your "dream college" that make you want to be part of their community?