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Message from the Director and Chair

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you, our current and future exemplar UMU nursing students. My name is Dr. Tim Meyers, and I am excited to be part of a diverse, experienced, and most importantly passionate group of nursing faculty.

We have three overarching goals in the Department of Nursing. First, to support you on your journey to be the best possible nurse that you can be. Second, to maintain the rigors of our accredited program, in order to protect society, while removing barriers to your successful completion of our program. Finally, to care for the spiritual, psychological, physiological, and social aspects of every patient that we treat.  To do so free of judgment or prejudice all while cloaked with a cape of advocacy that drives us to ensure our patients’ needs and desires are met with open arms.

In the Department of Nursing at the University of Mount Union we strive to embrace our differences and as a collective – students and faculty – and to prepare the best nurses in the State of Ohio. We offer clinicals in every type of setting you can imagine, and thus you should expect a rich diversity of experiences, all while providing the individualized instruction that is essential for our mutual growth.

Whereas my formal title as Director and Chair of the Nursing Department is essential for accreditation and governmental bodies many of my students call me Tim. After all I am nurse who is in love with nursing and teaching future nurses. A nurse that strives to care for every patient as though they were my grandmother, Mary Meyers. The art of nursing is magical and the science is awe inspiring!

A word about our departments teaching philosophy - educators must realize that not the same switch will cause every students’ “light bulb” to turn on.  Our purpose for teaching is not just to figure out how to get every light bulb to shine, however get it to shine its brightest. The fundamental goal of an educator should be to tailor instructional strategies not to any one theory or type of learner however to design student learning strategies reflecting a melting pot of theories and addressing the needs of every type of learner.

I look forward to meeting you in the corridors of beautiful Gallaher Hall,
Dr. Meyers (Tim)