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Opportunities with Intel

Intel is investing more than $20 billion into two new semiconductor microchip factories in Central Ohio. Mount Union's engineering programs offer a pathway of proven success for graduates to earn careers with the technology powerhouse.

Each factory will create nearly 1,500 jobs, and Intel’s manufacturing offers some of the nation’s highest wages for industrial workers. With a mere two-hour drive separating campus from the proposed sites, Mount Union engineers are perfectly located to take advantage of opportunities available to them.


Intel-Related Programming

  1. Civil Engineering


    Four-Year B.S. Degree

    As the Intel factories are being built across nearly 1,000 acres of Licking County, Ohio, roughly 7,000 construction jobs will be created over the course of the project. This provides opportunities for Mount Union civil engineering graduates to earn jobs and internships at one of the most notable worksites in the country.

  2. Computer Engineering


    Four-Year B.S. Degree

    Mount Union's computer engineering degree prepares students with cutting-edge techniques to work with the equipment found at Intel.  

  3. Electrical Engineering


    Four-Year B.S. Degree

    The versatile electrical engineering degree at Mount Union provides students with hands-on opportunities in areas such as microelectronics, robotics, and several other fields that are complementary to the work done at Intel.

  4. Mechanical Engineering


    Four-Year B.S. Degree

    The ABET-accredited mechanical engineering program at Mount Union has a proven track record of post-graduate success. In fact, previous cohorts have earned 100% placement into graduate school or an industry career at companies such as Intel.