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Data Science and Analytics

Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics Degree

Achieve success in some of the nation’s most in-demand fields with a Bachelor of Science degree in data science and analytics from Mount Union. Our comprehensive program features a curriculum taught by expert faculty, ensuring you develop the transferable skills needed to become a leader in a field, with no prior knowledge of programming required.


About the Program

The data science and analytics major at Mount Union offers a flexible educational experience that allows you to add a minor or second major from a variety of fields, leading to a customized journey to meet your career goals.

Combined with our dynamic Integrative Core, you will become a well-rounded professional able to interpret the results of data to technical and non-technical audiences. Impactful internship and faculty-led research experiences are available to all students with a passion for data.


Data Science and Analytics Quick Facts

  • 46 credit hours within the data science and analytics degree program
  • 32 credit hours in the well-rounded Integrative Core
  • Design and write code to carry out thoughtful analyses
  • Complement your major with a relevant minor or second major
  • Create engaging visual representations of data for all audiences


Learn more about the Data Science and Analytics Degree

Discover the power of information through the Bachelor of Science in data science and analytics degree at Mount Union. You will receive experiences that will prepare you for success in this growing industry, learning from our expert faculty along the way.

  • Curriculum

    Data Science Courses

    • DSC 140 Data Science Fundamentals
    • DSC 240 Data Analysis and Visualization
    • DSC 250 Scientific Modeling and Data Analysis
    • DSC 330 Data Acquisition and Analysis
    • DSC 340 Machine Learning and Neural Networks
    • DSC 350 Data Mining
    • DSC 360 Big Data Analytics
    • DSC 440 Data Science Practicum

    Major Required Courses

    • MTH 141 Calculus I
    • MTH 142 Calculus II
    • BUS 100 Introduction to Business
    • MTH 223 Intermediate Statistics
    • Introductory Statistics Requirement (MTH 123 or MTH 206)
    • Ethics Requirement (BUS 315 or BUS 335V)

    Elective Options 

    • BUS 122 Quantitative Methods for Business
    • CSC 220 Programming and Problem Solving II
    • COM 256 Information Design
    • CSC 310 Database Theory and Implementation
    • CSC 340 Machine Learning and Neural Network Processing
    • CSC 480 Artificial Intelligence
    • DSC 330 Data Acquisition and Analysis
    • ENV 280 Geographical Information Systems 
    • FIN 330 Financial Modeling
    • MTH 223 Intermediate Statistics
    • POL 351 Quantitative Political Analysis
    • PSY 222 Research Methods in the Psychological Sciences
    • SOC 365 Research Methods II
    • BUS 275 Introduction to Management Information Systems
    • BUS 496 Applied Strategy