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Common Syllabus Elements

All courses at the University of Mount Union share these common syllabus elements. Every course syllabus fully incorporates, supports, and imposes the following policies and information which are universally applicable to all courses at Mount Union:

  • University academic integrity and honesty policies and procedures related to cheating and plagiarism
  • University policies including diversity, mission, and intellectual property
  • Students’ civil and academic rights, Title IX, and the UMU processes to file related grievances
  • Campus resources and offices that support student success, health, and wellness
  • Accessibility and technology support, and resources for students with short and long-term disabilities

Students are responsible for reviewing the information on this page in its entirety online and are expected to have read and understand all syllabus elements.

The content of this page is maintained by the Center for Student Success and questions about this content should be addressed to

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is at the heart of the mission and values of the University and is an expectation of all students. Maintaining academic integrity is a reflection of your character and a means to ensuring that you are achieving the outcomes of your course and that your grades accurately reflect your learning and understanding of the course material. All work you submit in your course should be yours and yours alone.

To ensure you have an accurate understanding of what is expected in your course, please refer to the Academic Honesty section of the University Catalogue. Please note that the standards outlined in that policy apply to all course types, including online courses.