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Academic Support

Located in the Center for Student Success, the Office of Academic Support presents evidence-based approaches to help students learn more effectively.

Academic Support provides:

  • Tutoring for the University’s most demanding courses.
  • Academic peer mentoring programs for students to support each other and advance together.
  • Individually tailored success coaching for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students.


Students can schedule one-time or recurring support sessions for tutoring by creating a free account at MyWCO. Scheduling appointments helps students develop task management skills while ensuring they receive the academic support they need at the time they want.

Academic Peer Coaching

Any UMU student who wants to improve their academic performance, take full advantage of their learning opportunities, and gain expertise from a more seasoned peer can participate in academic peer coaching.

Engaging with a more experienced peer is an excellent way to start using student success programs, such as academic peer coaching, to improve performance in college. Successful students understand that seeking assistance and utilizing these services is not a sign of weakness but rather an essential approach to their success.



Students may sign up for one-time or recurring Academic Peer Coaching sessions at MyWCO.

Academic Peer Coaches are returning students who have been recommended by faculty and staff who know their academic skills and abilities, leadership qualities, and desire to help others.



Students are able to accelerate their learning, develop problem-solving abilities, improve interpersonal communication skills, prioritize academic progress, and boost productivity through one-on-one sessions with their academic peer coach.

Topics that our Peer Coaches can assist with during a session include:

  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting (short-term & long-term)
  • Organization
  • Learning Styles
  • Maintaining Accountability
  • Technology Assistance (D2L)
  • Note Taking Skills
  • Study Strategies
  • Motivation
  • Academic Planning
  • How to Write Professional Emails
  • Knowledge of Campus Resources