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Academic Support

Located in the Center for Student Success, the Office of Academic Support presents evidence-based approaches to help students learn more effectively.

Academic Support provides:

  • Tutoring for the University’s most demanding courses.
  • Structured Study to help students focus and accomplish more.
  • Academic peer mentoring programs for students to support each other and advance together.
  • Individually tailored success coaching for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students.


Students can schedule one-time or recurring support sessions for Tutoring and Structured Study by creating a free account at MyWCO. Scheduling appointments helps students develop task management skills while ensuring they receive the academic support they need at the time they want. Walk-in appointments are also welcome, pending space availability. Please note this is a similar but separate scheduling system to the DWOC. Students will need accounts for both.

Structured Study

Academic Support’s Structured Study program provides dedicated time with limited distractions and specific work goals for each session.

Sessions are monitored and staffed by peer coaches who are trained to help students develop effective study strategies and task management skills, and to keep the space quiet to help students focus and accomplish more.

Structured Study begins the second week of the semester and will be available most days and evenings in classrooms throughout campus.

Athletic coaches and student organizations often require students to complete weekly study table hours. Similarly, students may simply want a quiet space to organize and complete their work. Open to all, Structured Study can be that solution.


Students sign up for one-time or recurring Structured Study sessions at MyWCO. Walk-ins are also welcome, pending space availability.

Upon arrival, everyone:

  • Signs in and surrenders their smartphone to the staff at the front of the room.
  • Writes a goal for how they will spend that Structured Study session.
  • Examples: review German vocabulary by making and practicing flashcards. Read and take notes on the first half of BIO chapter 3.
  • At the end of the session, assesses whether they met their session goal(s) and submits their goal sheet to Structured Study peer coaches.
  • Peer coaches enter student progress data in MyWCO.
  • Structured Study is for independent work only and is not an appropriate setting for group work.


Structured Study peer coaches are successful returning students – and many are student athletes – who have been trained by Academic Support to staff and monitor these focused work sessions.

In addition to ensuring quiet workspace, Peer Coaches are equipped to help students:

  • Develop realistic goals for each session.
  • Organize and prioritize short and long-term tasks.
  • Understand and begin using effective learning strategies.
  • Remember more of what they read.

Coaches, faculty, and student organizations are invited to contact Academic Support for FERPA-compliant usage and outcomes reports on their students who use Structured Study.