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Owens '27
Owens '27

Emily Owens '27

Quadruple major

Learning about France and its culture through a cooking class is fascinating as it serves as an immersion into the culture.


B.S., Computer Science and Data Science and Analytics 

B.A., English and Music


Uniontown, OH

Other Interest

Presidential scholarship recipient

Choosing to be a Quadruple Major

One of the best features of Mount Union, in my opinion, is the incredible flexibility it allows for multi-majors! I am currently majoring in Computer Science, Data Science & Analytics, English and Music, and I wouldn't have it any other way. All of the faculty here have been absolutely incredible in helping me chart my path to graduation, and the ability to study so many different concentrations makes Mount Union special. A fun fact most people don't know about me: I started out as an engineering major! It's true--I stepped onto campus convinced I was going to be an electrical engineer. But thanks to the Integrative Core Foundations classes, I discovered so many interesting fields I wouldn't have considered otherwise. Growing up, I always thought I'd have to eventually choose between STEM and the arts. But here at Mount Union, I am able to be involved with both! I chose computer science and data science & analytics because I love the way these fields combine intellectual curiosity with innovation and creativity - they almost feel like the perfect 'in-between' of science and art. These fields provide intellectual challenge, but they can also serve as a creative outlet. I chose music because of the profound impact it has had on my life. Someone told me that "A day without playing music isn't a day well-spent," and I'd have to agree. I want music to always be a part of my life, and I know that my training here at UMU will prepare me to continue performing for many years to come. I chose English because of the incredible experiences I have had in a couple of my Integrative Core classes here at Mount. I always enjoyed English classes growing up, but since arriving at Mount, classes like Diversity and Freedom in American Literature have shown me just how impactful words can be.

Advice to High School Students

While I might be biased to say "Choose Mount Union!", the best advice I could give to prospective students is to make their own choice. Various colleges, faculty members, and even family members and friends will all have their own opinions regarding where you should go and what you should study. Those opinions are valuable, but in the end you have to make your own choice. And when you step onto campus, you'll know which school is the right one to attend. However, there's something special about Mount Union. From the moment you step on campus, the faculty, students and staff here will welcome you with open arms. In my college search, I encountered dozens of colleges that wanted me for my academic record, but Mount Union was the only place that wanted me for me. Mount Union is where I've begun forming a second family!

Favorite UMU Experience

Aside from being a quadruple major, I am triple minoring and one of those minors is French. My favorite class in the French program is French cuisine. Learning about France and its culture through a cooking class is fascinating as it serves as an immersion into the culture. I can envision myself in France engaging with others who also are passionate about the language and culture. This experience along with my student involvement are a few ways that Mount Union prepares students for success! Here, you're not just sitting in a classroom looking at a power point, but befriending people, building a network system, and enhancing your skills.