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Multi-Platform Software Development

Bachelor of Science in Multi-Platform Software Development Degree

Leave your mark in our rapidly shifting technological landscape through the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Multi-Platform Software Development degree program at the University of Mount Union. Build up your résumé with real-world experience and a network of industry professionals eager to boost your career journey.

What Is Multi-Platform Software Development?

Cross-platform compatibility is essential for the ever-proliferating marketplace of operating systems, browsers, and devices. Dive into the multi-dimensional demands of modern software development, in which the most versatile developers are those with experience working across technologies—cell phones, smart systems, personal computers, tablets, computer networks, gaming systems, and more. 

Rooted in Hands-On Learning

Advance your professional prospects through collaborative projects at Mount Union. The multi-platform software development bachelor’s degree program focuses on practical experience and direct connections between classroom concepts and industry applications. Prepare statistical analyses of real-world data and develop software that supports our campus and community. Jump-start your career through dynamic research projects, industry internships, and networking opportunities with alumni and industry partners.

Multi-Platform Software Development Major Quick Facts 

  • 52 credit hours in the software development program
  • 32 credit hours within the Integrative Core
  • 3 computer labs with specialized equipment
  • NETWORK through internships, student organizations, and more


Learn More About the Multi-Platform Software Development Major

Pursue exciting and expanding career opportunities through the Bachelor of Science in Multi-Platform Software Development at the University of Mount Union. Obtain industry and research experience starting in your first days on campus, and collaborate with our robust network of software development experts. Request information to learn more about the software development program, or apply now to launch your future!

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Curriculum

    Multi-Platform Software Development Curriculum

    Work toward your entrepreneurial and professional goals through hands-on coursework that prepares you to program and code for smartphones, tablets, computers, servers, and more. Develop a broad foundation in computer networks, databases, and the latest web design techniques, including HTML, CSS, and C# to Python, Scala, and Kotlin, and then apply those principles to software and interactive media. Build out your skill set in discrete mathematics and statistics courses and further expand your career opportunities through research projects and internship placements.

  • Experiential Learning

    Software Development Experiential Learning

    Real-world experience is vital to the software development bachelor’s degree program at Mount Union. To demonstrate your expertise at the end of the program, you will conduct a team-based software project. Each team assigns roles in order to maximize the strengths of each individual member and cultivate leadership skills. Recent teams have worked with statistical data analysis, a campus navigation and event notification app for mobile devices, and a live-streaming University weather feed.

    Gain further experiential practice as an assistant to faculty research in areas like efficient calculation using extremely large integers and the ISETL system for symbolic mathematical calculation. Engage in industry internships or employment with our campus IT Help Desk to apply what you have learned in professional settings.

    Your practical work at Mount Union can have a meaningful influence beyond the classroom. In recent years, two groups in the Mobile Device Programming course have developed prototype apps for University departments. One team collaborated with the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences to automate field recordings of animal sounds and facilitate easy classification and recording recall. Another team worked inter-departmentally with exercise science faculty members to develop apps to collect data and monitor workouts.

  • Careers


    Expertise in multi-platform software development is in high demand across a wide variety of sectors, from game developers and software companies to healthcare services and government systems, multinational corporations to local organizations, transport to the Internet of Things applications, and so much more. Mount Union equips you with wide-reaching skills and extensive hands-on experience to launch your career in this growing, high-intensity profession.

    Alumni Employers

    • Cardinal Health Quadax Software
    • FirstEnergy
    • Google
    • Patriot Software
    • Synergy Systems
    • United States Department of Defense

    Common Careers

    • Applications developer
    • Cyber security analyst
    • Game developer
    • Software engineer
    • Software tester
    • Systems analyst
    • Web developer
  • Facilities and Equipment

    Facilities and Equipment

    Take advantage of our Computer Science Labs located in the Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center. These hands-on spaces foster uniquely rewarding academic experiences and prepare you for varied and dynamic professional contexts. Tinker, model, and develop using Windows workstations with access to Linux and OSX systems, a variety of specialized software, a computer projection system, two small labs for special projects, and group project and study spaces.

Multiplatform Software Development Spotlights