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Physical Therapy Early Assurance Pathway

University of Mount Union (BA or BS) to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

The Mount Union Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (DPT) offers Early Assurance of up to 8 seats for currently enrolled undergraduate students at the University of Mount Union (UMU).  Students must have completed or be in process of completing three semesters of study at the University of Mount Union to be eligible to apply for the program. Accepted students will be applying for a reserved seat in the DPT for the fall semester that immediately follows their completion of their bachelor’s degree.

Admission into the DPT Program is a two-step process.


The first step of the process is to conclude or being in process of completing three semesters of undergraduate studies at the University of Mount Union. To be eligible for DPT Early Assurance consideration, students must meet all the following eligibility guidelines:

  1. Complete or be in process of completing no less than 3 semesters of full-time academic study at UMU in a degree granting Bachelor of Art or Science program of study.
  2. Maintain enrollment at UMU throughout the application process.
  3. Possess a minimum overall/cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher for all post-secondary coursework at the time of early assurance consideration. Please note that a competitive application to Early Assurance should set its GPA aims even higher. The average undergraduate GPA in our current first year PT cohort is 3.43. Additionally, studies show that passage of the NPTE correlates strongly with both academic success in the DPT program itself and one’s undergraduate preparation.
  4. Interested candidates must apply using the UMU DPT Early Assurance Application. Information regarding application should be attained via contact of Dr. Bob Woodward, Director of the Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions Program at (330)823-3672 or . Applicants are invited to apply in the fall semester if they are in the process of completing or have already completed at least 3 semesters of full-time coursework at UMU. Applicants must complete the entire application and submit all required credentials by the published deadline.
  5. Interviews will be granted by invitation-only following Early Assurance application review. Early Assurance interviews will be conducted in spring or summer semester of the sophomore year. A successful in-person interview at UMU is required prior to an official offer of Early Assurance.
  6. Selection into the Early Assurance Pathway is via an annual selective process. Early Assurance offers will typically be made in April with a student response due in early May.
  7. Candidates who are not offered an Early Assurance reservation are eligible to apply through the typical application process (applications due October 15 prior to the following end of August start of the program).



1). The second step allows a student who has been granted early assurance to the UMU DPT program the opportunity to claim that reserved seat. This second step is the actual process of obtaining admission to DPT program.

All students enrolling in early assurance pathways should do so with the clear understanding that they must meet all pre-requisite requirements and possess a baccalaureate degree prior to matriculation into the UMU Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program.

Students granted acceptance into the Early Assurance Undergraduate Pathway may elect to utilize their status of early assurance to apply for admission to UMU DPT for up to two years following their acceptance of the early assurance offer in the spring. The two years of eligibility is defined as the two immediately subsequent admission cycles

following acceptance of early assurance. At the conclusion of two academic cycles the offer of early assurance is null and void if either unused or the candidate did not meet admission standards.

2.) Candidates granted early assurance through the Early Assurance Undergraduate pathway are required to complete the following to receive admission to the UMU DPT program:

· Students must follow all PTCAS application procedures and deadlines.

· Early Assurance students must be on track to successfully complete all required pre-requisite courses with the minimum necessary 3.3 GPA. GPA data used for admission decisions will reflect applicable course work through the prior spring semester, as available in October.

· Early Assurance Undergraduate students must submit scores for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), unless their GPA at the time of PTCAS submission is greater than 3.6, in which case the GRE requirement is waived.

· Candidates denied admission due to failing to reach GPA and or PT prerequisite GPA minimum requirements in October will be re-reviewed for admission consideration using fall semester grades available in January. Once a candidate meets the GPA thresholds at the time of admission, the GPA and PT prerequisite GPA will not be re-reviewed for a rescission of admission unless there is a significant decline or failure to complete prerequisite requirements.

· Complete all required pre-requisite courses with a grade of “C ” or better. These required pre-requisite courses include:

o Two semesters of General Chemistry & Labs

o Two semesters of Physics & Labs

o Two semesters of Anatomy & Physiology with Labs

o One semester of Statistics

o 6-8 hours of Psychology

o 6-8 hours of Social Science and Humanities

· Observation hours and letters of recommendation are required for application. Please refer to PTCAS for the application cycle in which you are applying for the most updated information on these requirements.


EARLY ASSURANCE PATHWAY Process Description Summary: Undergraduate students at the University of Mount Union who complete all of STEP 1 will have applied for Early Assurance, formalizing their desire to become a physical therapist and to apply for admission to the UMU DPT Program once closer to completion of the baccalaureate degree. Students will receive a STEP 1 decision from the DPT Program in April (typically in the 4th semester of undergraduate coursework). Once Early Assurance is awarded, students will complete STEP 2 prior to October 15th of their senior year. If STEP 1 and STEP 2 are completed successfully, Early Assurance UMU students will not typically be required to interview in the fall semester prior to matriculation (as is required of all non-Early Assurance applicants considered for admission). Admission decisions for enrollment in the DPT Program will be made by the UMU DPT Admissions Committee. Grade point average (GPA) data used for the STEP 2 admission decisions will reflect applicable coursework available in October in PTCAS (prior to matriculation in May); Early Assurance students should successfully maintain competitive cumulative and science GPAs throughout their college career.

Early Assurance students that do not meet their matriculation admission requirements in the October PTCAS review may be eligible to have a second review of their application credentials in December by the UMU DPT Admissions Committee. All December review admission decisions are final for the admission cycle and candidates that do not meet admission standards at that time will be denied Early assurance admission for that admission cycle. Denied candidates shall not be reviewed again for that cycle but can apply in the normal process for the next admission cycle.