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Students sitting on Mount Union's campus.



Army ROTC is a collaborative program with Kent State University that is solely focused on providing you with leadership training. No matter what profession you choose to pursue, leadership or managerial skills, problem-solving techniques and teamwork will be essential in the workplace. Through Army ROTC, you will gain the confidence and self-discipline necessary to succeed in college and beyond. If you are interested in national defense, enroll in the introductory, lower-division military science courses and see for yourself how rewarding and challenging the field can be.



AFROTC, also hosted in collaboration with Kent State University, is an educational program designed to give you an opportunity to become an Air Force or Space Force officer while you complete your college degree. Whether you want to fly the most advanced aircraft in the world, design and operate the latest space systems, and work on the cutting edge of technology, there are more than 100 officer career fields.



If your career goals require leadership or managerial skills, if you have an interest in national defense structure or if you wish to explore the benefits of the Army, we encourage you to explore the Army ROTC program. Try it out. Enroll in an introductory, lower-division military science course and see if it’s for you. Participation in these classes is voluntary and requires no military obligation.

When you complete the Army ROTC program and graduate from Mount Union, you'll have acquired both the leadership and academic credentials to take on responsibility as an Army officer and/or step into corporate America.