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Orientation Resouces

We at the University of Mount Union welcome you. The following resources and videos will help you get acquainted with the Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center, diversity and inclusion efforts, and the resources and services we provide that can help support you. 

Orientation Resources

View a few resources for incoming students.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

  1. Diversity Statement

    At the University of Mount Union, we continuously strive to welcome, accept, and respect all people. We believe that through the union of disparate perspectives, we strengthen our community, facilitate global enlightenment, and enable collective self-discovery. As such, we embrace diversity and inclusiveness to facilitate the development of ideas, the advancement of global perspectives, and to create a greater understanding and acceptance of all people. We actively promote a diverse and inclusive environment that obliges mutual respect and positive engagement to effectively enrich learning and living for our students, faculty, staff, administration, and community. 

    As members of the University of Mount Union community, we pledge to: 

    • Acknowledge, respect, honor, and celebrate diversity.
    • Work together to create an environment that is both diverse and inclusive.
    • Take these inclusive attitudes with us as we continue our life journeys.
  2. Mayor Alan Andreani Welcome Message

    View Welcome Message

Library Resources

  1. KHIC Virtual Tours
  2. Research Quick Tips

    As a new student, you surely have lots of questions about college and academic life (many you might not have even considered at this point). Our student workers have distilled some of the most useful lessons and advice about research and general college life they have learned into the following videos in the hopes they will help you succeed in your college career. View the various student videos on how to successfully navigate KHIC resources in the gallery above.

  3. What Can We Do for You? - Resources and Services

    Visit the following links to learn more about what the Library offers and some things you should keep in mind as new students.