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Previous Carr Lecturers

1917-18: William Oxley Thompson - president of Ohio State University 

1918-19: Charles Franklin Thwing - president of Western Reserve University 

1919-20: Rev. Lauress J. Birney - dean of the school of Theology at Boston University 

1920-21: Rev. Fred Luke Wiseman - president of the Wesleyan Church in Great Britain 

1921-22: Rev. Thomas Nicholson - bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church 

1922-23: Rev. Frank Du Moulin - bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church 

1923-24: Eric C. Hopwood - editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer 

1924-25: Rev. Samuel Chadwick - president of Cliff College 

1925-26: Robert Ernest Vinson - president of Western Reserve University 

1926-27: Everett William Lord - dean of the College of Business Administration at Boston University 

1927-28: Fred Lewis Patte - professor of English at Pennsylvania State College 

1928-29: Samuel Christian Schmucker - professor emeritus of biology at Pennsylvania State University 

1929-30: Walter Scott Athearn - head of the Department of Religious Education at Boston University 

1930-31: Robert Lincoln Kelly - executive secretary of the Association of American Colleges 

1931-32: Donald John Cowling - president of Carleton College 

1934-35: Rev. F.C. Eiselen - corresponding secretary of the Board of Education of the Methodist Episcopal Church 

1935-36: G. Rowland Collins - associate dean and professor of marketing at New York City University 

1936-37: Frank Durward Slutz - author and educator 

1937-38: George Frederick Zook - president of the American Council on Education 

1938-39: William Pearson Tolley - president of Allegheny College 

1939-40: Lynn Harold Hough - dean of Drew Theological Seminary 

1940-41: Whitney Jennings Oates - assistant professor of classics at Princeton University 

1941-42: Bernard Chancellor Clausen - pastor of First Baptist Chruch 

1942-43: James H. Straughn - resident bishop of the Pittsburgh Area of the Methodist Church 

1943-44: Roy L. Smith - editor of the Christian Advocate 

1944-45: Watler Kirkland Greene - president of Wofford College 

1945-46: Fred Pierce Corson - resident bishop of the Philadelphia Area of the Methodist Church 

1946-47: Joseph M. M. Gary - minister of Bexley Methodist Church 

1948-49: Lloyd C. Wicke - resident bishop of the Pittsburgh Area of the Methodist Church 

1953-54: Hazen G. Werner - resident bishop of the Ohio Area of the Methodist Church

1954-55: William Lincoln Hart - judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio

1984-85: Dr. Robert Jewett - professor of New Testament interpretation at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary

1987-88: Dr. Charles B. Ketcham - James Mills Thoburn Chair of Religion at Allegheny College

1994-95: Dr. James Reagan - ethicist of St. Elizabeth Medical Center

1998-99: Leonard I. Sweet - dean of the Theological School and vice president of Drew University

2004-05: Rev. Dr. John Haughey - S.J. professor of Christian ethics, Loyola University Chicago, Senior Fellow, Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University

2005-06: Dr. William Lane Craig - research professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology

2008-09: Dr. Tony Campolo - evangelist and sociologist

2009-10: Dr. Stanley Hauerwas - the Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at the Divinity School of Duke University

2011-12: Dr. Gail O'Day - dean and professor of New Testament and preaching at Wake Forest University's School of Divinity

2014-15: Rev. Ray Buchanan presents Carr Lecture

2015-16: Rev. Dr. Ted A. Smith presents Carr Lecture

2017-18: Eboo Patel - founder and president of Interfaith Youth Core

2021: Chris Coles - musician and professor, creator of Nine Lives

2024: Garrett Potts - professor of religious studies at The University of South Florida.