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Previous Faculty Lecturers

1959: John E. Saffell - "An Historian Looks at His World"

1960: William Glenn Clark - "A Layman's Guide to Modern Science"

1961: Jerry Lee Blount - "A Biologist's View of the Future" 

1962: Paul H. Chapman - "Don't Forget to Speak Scornfully of the Victorian Age"

1963: R. H. Sales - "The Second Century Chruch: On Doubt, Conflict, and Endurance" 

1965: James P. Rodman - "Observational Tests of Applied Cosmologies"

1967: George L. Montagno - "Untouchability in Contemporary India"

1969: William Porter, Jr. - "Window on a Little Known World"

1971: George H. Thomas - "Berkeley's Astonishing Doctrine"

1972: Earl Russell - "Literature and Music" 

1973: Truman D. Turnquist - "Heavy Metals: Friend or Foe"

1974: James E. Vincent - "On Actors and Audiences" 

1975: Wesley J. Vesey - " Religious Elements in the Testimonies of the Nuremberg Trial Defendants" 

1976: Richard L. Doyle - "In Pursuit of a Promise: The Economic Mobility of the Dutch Immigrants of Pella, Iowa, 1847-1880" 

1977: William Glenn Clark - "Euclid is Not Alone" 

1978: Robert G. Wiese - "Continents, Ocean Basins, and Mountains"

1979: Mary Ellen Nurmi - "Asymmetrically Speaking: The Language of Dominance and Deference" 

1980: Paul Shaker - "The College and Consciousness"

1981: Shea Zellweger - "The World Itself is Just Another World"

1982: Frederick Oppermann - "The Teaching Machine: Part 1" 

1983: Charles H. Brueske - "After the Seventh Day" 

1984: George Tune - "The Death of a Dream"

1985: Helen Saffell - "The State of Our Language"

1986: Lewis A. Phelps - "Symbolism in the Music of J. S. Bach"

1987: Faye Hollaway - "The Polymer Age"

1988: Leonard G. Epp - "Unweaving a Rainbow"

1989: Gloria Malone - "Expanding the Canon: With a Bang or a Whimper"

1990: James Hopper - "The Objectice Image: An Artist's Research"

1991: Richard Duston - "A Bonfire of the Vanities"

1992: Donald Buckey - "The Real of Self-Realization"

1993: John Bienz - "Metaphor Wars"

1994: William Coleman - "Dreaming America: The Rhetoric of Martin Luther King, Jr."

1995: Michael Zwilling - "What About Scarecrow's Brain" 

1996: Victoria Harris - "Piano and Organ Music of Franz Liszt"

1997: Kathleen Piker-King - "The Undergraduate Experience" 

1998: Charles McClaugherty - "Beauty and the Beast: Fairy Tales About Nature"

1999: Donald Hobson - "The Search for the Historical Jesus and Future Christian Belief"

2000: Douglas Hendel - "Every Inch a King: Playing Shakespeare's King Lear" 

2001: Angela Zumbar - "Prayers for the Queen of Swords"

2002: Stephen Kramer - "Getting a Life? Pursing Happiness and Optimal Development"

2003: Dr. Martin Horning - "The Butterfly, the Wheel, and the Buddha" Confessions of a Macro Economist"

2004: James Thoma - "International Sport Diffusion: The New Reality"

2005: James Perone - "When Protest Became Pop: The Strange Case of Eve of Destruction"

2006: Lee Gray - "The Natural History of Mars"

2007: Jamie Capuzza - "Confinement and Discrimination Indian Women Face"

2007: John Recchiuti - "Scholarship and Public Life in Progressive-Era New York City: The Activist Scholar in Historical Perspective"

2008: Lin Wu - "Little Creatures with Big Ecological Roles: A Microscopic View of Aquatic Ecosystems"

2010: Dr. Scott Gravlee - Biomedical Ethics at the Crossroads: New Directions and Connections"

2012: Dr. Patricia Matthews – "Derivatives: Friend or Foe?"

2012: Dr. Tamara Daily - "The Other CSI Effect"

2013: Dr. Michelle Collins-Sibley - "Still Ruined by Reading: Paper, Pixels and Ink in a Digital Age"

2014: Dr. Peter Schneller - "21st Century Future Shock and Education: The Symptoms are with Us Now"

2015: Rudy Roggenkamp - "Do You See What I See?"

2016: Dr. David Thiele - "Liberal Education and the Questions of Integrity"

2017: Betsy Ekey - "The 'Os' of Healthcare in Ohio: Obesity, Opioids, and Oral Health"

2018: Dr. Kevin Meyer - “Humor, Seriously: Exploring the Connections between Humor and Well-being”

2019: Hans Tritico - “Damming the Amazon and the Brazilian Pantanal: A bright new future or a crisis in the making?” 

2020: Dr. Robert Woodward - “The (Microscopic) Enemy Among Us: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria & Humanity’s Response”

2021: Dr. Susan Haddox - “Gender, Violence, and Identity in the Bible and Society”

2023: Dr. Melissa Askren Edgehouse - "Covid and EdTech: How a Pandemic Forever Changed the Way We Teach and Learn"

2024: Margo Miller - "Nature an Impetus Toward Abstraction: Creative Process Timeline"