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Previous Kershaw Lecturers

1960-61: John Ciardi - professor of English, Rutgers University

1961-62: Selden Rodman - poet, author, and art critic 

1963-64: William D. Snodgrass - Pulitzer Prize-winning poet 

1964-65: Dame Alicia Markova - prima ballerina 

1965-66: Herman Shulin - Broadway producer and director 

1966-67: An Evening's Frost - a production featuring the works and letters of poet Robert Frost, starring Will Geer and Anne Gee Byrd, Thomas Coley, and Jack Davidson 

1967-68: Benjamin Franklin - Citizen featuring the words of Benjamin Franklin, starring Fredd Wayne 

1969-70: Boris Goldovsky - pianist 

1971-72: William McVey - sculptor 

1976-77: Fred Sherry and Charles Wuorinen - Pulitzer Prize-winning composer, cellist, and pianist 

1977-78: Mitchell Stern - violinist and Robert McDonald - pianist 

1978-79: Phyllis Bryn-Julson - vocalist 

1996-97: William Albright - composer, organist, and pianist 

2004-05: Dragan Vukadinovic - senior creative designer, Hyundai/Kia American Design Center 

2005-06: Die Audio Gruppe - art group that builds performs with electro-acoustic clothes and dresses 

2006-07: Richard Dresser - playwright

2007-08: Kenneth Huff - interdisciplinary visual artist working in a variety of traditional and new media

2008-09: Boys of Lough- Celtic band

2009-10: The Living Theatre Workshops

2010-11: Linden String Quartet

2011-12: Jim Clark - nature photographer

2013-14: David Gaines - writer, director, and clown

2014-15: Songwriting duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul

2016-17: Kelli Anderson - "The Hidden Talents of Everyday Things: Uncovering Lo-fi Magic"

2018-19: Perry King - director and actor

2021: Chris Coles - musician and professor, creator of Nine Lives

2024: Amber Kempthorn - artist