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Shakespeare at the Castle

“This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle senses”

                                                                                                                        William Shakespeare

Dear Friends,

In the quote above, Duncan is referring to the Castle at Inverness in Scotland, but he could be describing Glamorgan Castle here in Alliance. Last year, over 800 patrons sat amidst the pleasant castle grounds, breathing the sweet summer air, and experienced our production of Hamlet. It is a magical place to see and hear the old stories, and Shakespeare At The Castle has been doing it for ten years.

If you’ve been to our productions before, then you know that our shows are perfect for the family. If you’re new to Shakespeare At The Castle, you’ll understand why our audiences tell us that our performances are perfect for Shakespeare fans, as well as those who have had less experience with the Bard’s work.

To keep up with demand, we’ve added a second weekend of shows: Our production this summer will play July 27–30, and August 3–6. Tickets will be available for purchase on June 26.

We’re so thankful that you have allowed us to reach our ten-year anniversary; Ten years of telling you the old stories in exciting and refreshing ways. Please join us again this year under the stars!

Kevin P. Kern
Artistic Director; Shakespeare At The Castle

If you have a business, would you consider sponsoring an evening? Your name will be on display for patrons from Youngstown to Cleveland to see, and you’ll receive credit for bringing over 1000 people to the heart of Alliance – the Glamorgan Castle. Contact us at (330) 823-3875 to discuss your sponsorship.