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B.A./J.D. 3+3 Programs

Mount Union recognizes that certain students have the motivation, capacity, and readiness to complete their undergraduate education and law degree training in an accelerated manner. The 3+3 Political Science and Law Program allows highly motivated students to complete all requirements for both an undergraduate degree in political science and a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Akron School of Law or Capital University Law School in six years of full-time study, as opposed to the traditional seven-year period of study.

Under the 3+3 Program, students will complete three years of full-time study at Mount Union, followed by three years of full-time study at Akron Law or Capital Law. During the fourth year of study, the student will become a full-time, first-year law student at the Akron Law or Capital Law campuses rather than return to the Mount Union campus for a "senior" year. 

Benefits of a 3+3 Program

  • Based on the accelerated format, students save a year’s worth of undergraduate tuition and living expenses and get a jump start on entering the workforce.
  • Both institutions provide opportunities to network and connect with alumni in the field, including federal and state judges, elected officials, and leaders of law firms and corporations.
  • If the below requirements are met, students will earn direct-entry into a program, saving time and money from applying to multiple law schools.

Admission Requirements for the Akron Law Partnership

Any student may apply for inclusion into the 3+3 Program by contacting the Department of Political Science and International Studies. Students participating in the 3+3 Program who, in addition to the three-year political science curriculum, have completed the Integrative Core requirements, math and foreign language proficiencies, and minor requirements, will be automatically admitted into Akron Law as long as they:

  • Are in good standing academically, financially and from a disciplinary perspective at Mount Union.
  • Satisfy the character and fitness standards required of all students admitted to Akron Law.
  • Score at least 150 on the LSAT examination.
  • Have an undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.40 by the mid-point of his or her junior year.

Admission to the 3+3 Program does not guarantee eventual acceptance to the law program by Akron Law. A student who does not gain admission to Akron Law through this Program will devote his or her fourth year to any remaining requirements for the Political Science major.