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Bring Your Own Device

All Mount Union Students are required to have a personal computer for use during their education.

If monetary assistance is required, the Office of Student Financial Aid may be able to provide assistance with loans.

Questions about Accessibility may be directed to


Primary Computer (Required for all UMU Students):

  • The university defines a personal computer as
  • A laptop or 2 in 1 device (see below for new purchase recommendations)
  • Runs either Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS. (not Google ChromeOS)
  • Not Recommended: Desktop computers
  • Not Permissible as a personal computer: Smartphones, Tablets and Chromebooks.


Companion Devices (optional):

These devices may provide added convenience in some scenarios, but some University required software will not function on them.

  • Apple iPhones and iPads - The University supports Apple devices able to install the current version of iOS.
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets – The University supports Android devices released in the last 2-3 years.
  • Chromebooks – The University provides best effort support for Chromebooks able to run the most current version of the operating system


New Computer Purchasing Recommendations



Screen Size

13" – 17"

13" – 16"


-Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7

-AMD Ryzen 3, 5, or 7

-ARM-based processors are not recommended

-Apple M1 (13" screen)

-Intel Core i7 (16" screen)

Processor (Engineering Students)

Intel i7, i9 or AMD Ryzen 7

-Apple M1 (13" screen)

-Intel Core i7/i9 (16" screen)


8GB or better

8GB or better

Memory (Engineering Students)

16GB or better

16GB or better


Webcam required

Included on all Apple Laptops

Hard Drive

Solid State Drive 256GB or larger

Solid State Drive 256GB or larger

Video Card

Intel Integrated Graphics or Discrete AMD/NVidia Card

-Apple M1 (13" screen)

-Discrete AMD Card (16" screen)

Video Card (Engineering Students)

Discrete AMD or NVidia Video Card

-Apple M1 (13" screen)

-Discrete AMD Card (16" screen)


Three years Onsite or Mail-in

Three years AppleCare

Wireless (minimum)

Support for the ‘AC’ standard

Support for the ‘AC’ standard

Wireless (recommended)

Support for the 'Wi-Fi 6' standard

CD/DVD Drive/Burner



Operating System

Windows 10

MacOS 11 or higher


Adapter required if not built-in

Adapter Required


-Personal Wireless Printers are not supported on campus and will not function if connected to the wireless network.

-Personal Printers connected to the computer via wired USB are allowed, but not required

See the printing section on the FAQ page for more information about printing on campus.