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Bring Your Own Device

As indicated in a recent survey, the vast majority of Mount Union students are already bringing their own personal computers with them to campus, and technology now allows us to implement equipment that provides students with full access to University resources from their own personal device. Thus, Mount Union has launched a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative on campus.

Beginning with the incoming class in the 2018 Fall Semester, all Mount students will be required to have their own personal computer to use on campus to complete academic assignments. The University has created a virtual computer lab that will allow students to access campus core software from any browser on any device at any time. Students can now enjoy the comforts of using their own device with applications set up according to their preferences.

By putting devices into the hands of every student, Mount Union can ensure that technology supports the delivery of the curriculum both in and out of the classroom. Since you will be utilizing your devices daily, you should begin a routine of charging them overnight to ensure a full charge. Of course, devices may also be charged during the day as long as you have your power cord adapter with you.

University-owned computers will still be available in some campus-wide labs and in departmental labs, such as those for computer science, engineering, foreign language, and the Library, for the foreseeable future. 

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at if you want to use Parent PLUS loan or private loan funds to help reimburse you for the purchase of a computer.       

Please note that students who entered Mount Union prior to the 2018 Fall Semester are encouraged to have a personal computer to complete academic assignments, but it is not required.



When selecting a new device, consider that it should last at least four years before needing replacement. A laptop or a tablet with keyboard (like a two-in-one device) are options for your personal device. We recommend a device with a 10”-15” screen size.

Mount Union supports both PC and Mac computers. The type of computer purchased should be whatever type you feel most comfortable using. Faculty and staff utilize both types of computer platforms.

Devices may be either newly purchased or ones that you already own, as long as they meet the minimum specifications. A fresh install of the operating system may be recommended if utilizing a used device.

NOTE: Google Chromebooks are not considered a laptop and should not be used as the students primary computing device. Chromebooks do not have a full operating system and may have limited support. Additionally, smartphones are not practical as primary computing devices for the normal course of work students will encounter, but can be used as supplemental devices.

The institution has set the following minimum requirements to assist individuals in selecting a personal computing device for campus use.


PC Mac
Screen Size 13" - 15" 13" - 15"
*Processor Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7
Memory 8GB or better 8GB or better
Hard Drive Solid State Drive 128GB or larger Solid State Drive 128GB or larger
*Video Card Intel Integrated Graphics or Discrete AMD/NVidia Card Intel Integrated Graphics or Discrete AMD/NVidia Card
Warranty Three years Onsite or Mail-in Three years AppleCare
Wireless Support for the wireless ‘AC’ standard Support for the wireless ‘AC’ standard
CD/DVD Drive/Burner Optional Optional
Windows Operating System Windows 10 MacOS 10.12 "Sierra"

*If you are considering a major in engineering, you are encouraged to have a discrete graphics card and have a leaset an i5 processor. However, an i7 processor is preferred.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 

Minimum Recommended
Processor Intel Core m3 Intel Core i5
Memory 4GB  8GB
Hard Drive 128GB 256GB 


iPad Mini 4

For all PC, Mac, and tablet devices, please plan to include an external Ethernet adapter if one is not included.